Friday, 21 August 2009

Because it Had to be Said

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Now, I don’t like the fact that Nev’s mug is grinning at me from the bottom-left corner. Emblems that aspire to universalism should be impersonal; did you learn nothing about propaganda from the good Commies of yester-century? :o) Also, it is too American—especially when no irony or puns are intended—to say “I am Ugandan”. I say, in correct grammar, “I am a Ugandan”. But it is a worthy emblem, nonetheless, and I shall put it on me blog. Even on pain of having to break my vow of silence and blog-celibacy. Because it had to be said.

Nev posted it here. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take care of those who, like me, have roundly renounced tribe completely. It only takes care of those who realise that, the past being irreversible, tribe should be secondary to national identity. They retain tribe, but relegate its importance. These, too, are kin, and are equally right (though different from one like myself). One could even say that they are merely of a different tribe.

A post to do full justice to the vestigial status of tribe in the Uganda of today would be too long, and would necessarily require a break from my break.
These politicians, who care more for themselves than for you (especially you!) are going to seize tribe and use it to divide and conquer, to stock up fortune for themselves and their undeserving children, who will eat because you bled, and live because you died. Reject, O my countrymen, all who speak of tribe as excluding one group or the other! Remember that you are all sons and daughters of one Adam and one Eve. Do not allow these categorisations to make you segregate against the children of your grandmother’s favourite siblings! We are one country. Reject the lines being drawn amongst us to pit “us” against “them”! We are them, they are us. Heaven forfend that the most-diverse region on Earth, our interlacustrine region, take tribe seriously! Heaven forfend! Technically, you’re not even your father’s tribe, and not even your mother’s tribe—especially in this region, where tribe (by its sheer profusion) is merely something akin to a street address! Forbid it, Almighty God! Choose division over unity, and you shall be expected to stab your nephews. The blood of our brothers and sisters in Rwanda is not yet dry in the ground!

I’m not back. I’m still gone. I’m still studying the things I promised I’d be studying. (Actually, I’m done with most of them, but I ended up picking new interesting topics. Someone now knows what one of these topics is.) I thought I’d be back sooner than this, and yet it appears that I’ll stay away for much, much longer than I had ever anticipated. The three months I talked about may likely become a year or more. I want to be back to make you hate me and hate yourselves in time for the 2011 elections, to spew bile and rage and make you so angry about the fact that you can’t prove me and my absurdities wrong. Remember, O reader, that Zeno of Elea is my favourite from Antiquity.

And fuck you all for abandoning your blogs in favour of Twitter! Shall we be forced to glean any sense from the 140-character updates in necessarily-poor grammar? Is this what we shall quote when we talk about how you spent your 2009? Shall we forever continue our descent to frequent nonsense, away from rare sense? Is it a price we can pay? Forbid it, Almighty God!
Return, then, to the bosom from which you ran. Come back to your blogs, and stp spkn lyk ths cuz its not a gd replcmnt 4 yo blgs! Fck twtr!
Reject Twitter! Gather substance and post it. (Steven Moffat’s Dr. Who episodes are often twice as long as usual episodes—because they are the best episodes. Often, they have to cut big chunks out in the end. I’m trying to say that good explanations—movies, stories, posts, updates, episodes—cannot be short.)

In the meantime, I’ll make it known to the few of you who are my friends and are on Twitter, that when you send ‘tweetme’ to 2299 (only UTL), you can sign up to be sending Tweets off your phone (and receiving them, when you send ‘twitter’). I did it for the money. :o)
Now I shall return to the studying that I’ve been doing, and to working (of course). Consider the previous post to still be in effect, with the mild modification that the absence will last even longer than I had expected.
Since I’m neither on Facebook nor on Twitter, unlike all you cool people, I am essentially without a way to inform you of things. I am abstaining from all “social networking”. That is good for the World, but not for me. So, when I get a new blog elsewhere, I’ll post the link here.


Ashy said...

I am a happy traveller; free wi-fi and then you to read :-) A longer post would have been good though, I still got lots of time to kill :-(

tumwijuke said...

Bambi don't resist the urge. Blogging is a drug.
Welcome back.

Joshi said...

Still in rehab, but i want more..

eizzy.k said...

yup, not on twitter, find it too...childish!

Preach! So true about the whole Ugandan unity thing and how politicians are using the whole tribalism thing in their favour (M7 and the whole bunyoro vrs bafuriki thing for instance)...damn shame.

you say they eat because we bleed, but that’s how it has always been...that’s what civilization was built on.

Joe Powell said...

If anyone is interested tomorrow 31 Million Bafuruki t-shirts will be available around Kampala - get in touch if interested. Selling at cost price - 8k each.

nevender said...

I feel you Rev. And I should probably do one new graphic for you with the words...I am a Ugandan, I have no tribe...

walkonby said...

Amazing, indeed we are them, and they are us, we are one people :-) bless

lulu said...

you are back! finally

Diogo said...

I agree a lot with you on your post, but like tumwijuke said, blogging is a drug...heheh
and welcome back

streetsider said...

welcome back

smelling the coffee said...

come back please.
who shall i read?

SAGE said...

same ol same ol. Wat it do? Commie still ma hommie.I get around.