Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Rantdom Thuroggits

Mood: Yarrow mood
[Toot!] Index: 3.2
Communism Bit: Off
Location: Entebbe

Terrible, terrible things have been happening in my world. For example, you know your guitar skills are terrifying when you have to chase your audience. Not just that: I was shouting “Only one verse! Just the first one! Okay, okay, only the opening lick. I’ve practiced since last time, I swear!” Now, I know I lost a string, but still.
Anyway, problem is that when you hold the guitar, people want to hear a Jimi Hendrix. At least I know Hendrix didn’t play the adungu. Gon’ practice.

Before I forget, go to Lulu's crib and vote already.

Next random observation: buy land or a house today. If you can afford it, you lucky bastard, buy it. See, Uganda’s population is young. 50% is under fifteen years of age. So, whatever property costs now, it will cost twice as much in about fifteen years (due to increased demand). That’s the conservative estimate. If you factor in increasing wealth (aka. increasing demand), you can increase that estimate. See, with land, supply is fixed; only demand changes, in that historic linear equation. There’s no chance that someone will flood the market with more land. It could, in reality, be anything from five to ten times. So, if you get it now, your investment will lie there making money while you club. 10 million becomes 50 or 100 million. Don’t joke. In any case, buy it now, or you’ll be the one buying at them prices, rather than selling. (A house in the USA goes for about Ushs. 1 billion these days. Be for the future.)

But the value of land will hit the blessed zero, when the Revolution nationalises its use. Vote for me! Vote for the Revolution! Guns and votes! Guns are Votes! Bullets are Ballots! The Popular War, yay!
Man, that poster of Sendero Luminoso still shines brightly in my head, pointing to a path (though maybe not the path).

Next random thing? ’90s pop music was ... God will get whoever sang any of that shit. Leave revenge to God, they say.

I had malaria. This is the next random thing. One Artenam dose fixed me, but Christ Jesus the Promised Nazarene! It was not extremely nice to suffer that shit. :o(

Next: I don’t have my computer right now, and I think I may have lost it for good. The laptop, yes. :o( I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. If you don’t back up your data, go cry in the other room. The rest of us won’t waste sympathy. Back up! Daily! Don’t come crying when—not if, but when—when you lose your disk. Please, please, please: back your data up. (Hint: mail yourself some precious documents, so Gmail or Yahoo! can keep a copy safe for you. Encrypt them, if they are private.)

Next: Life, in her infinite kindness, never lets me forget that I have no reason to believe in myself. You can’t imagine the freedom that gives one.


The Emrys said...

Life, in her infinite kindness, never lets me forget that I have no reason to believe in myself.

that right there, is freedom, i feel you man

King said...

About the land thing, word. Word. Word.

And yeah, I can feel you on the guitar stuff. I practise in solitude. hehehe. And she doesn't like your guitar music?? Woman!

Artenam works wonders. To an extent.

I once lost 80GB of data. It taught me something else, life is not about a black box and a screen. I started playing ball the next day.

petesmama said...

King you are lying. If I lost the contents of my laptop now, the next BHH would be in the gardens of Butabika, where you guys could come and gaze at the shell that was formerly me.

tumwijuke said...

You play the guitar? Haaaaaaa! Yeahahahahahahahahaha!

the antipop said...

petesmama, that right there is dysfunctionalnessness.
I ought to go change my yesterday post. This post is sooo nice. and short. and educative. i am sooooooo taking my 60k i have in the bank and buying land!

Erique said...

Sup with the laptop? You had to go and spoil it just coz it's a Dell. You inconsiderate nankani!

Ashy said...

I backed up, backed up, and then some more. 500GB later, I can not afford to anymore :o( I say a daily prayer instead :o)

Erique, you know Dell as a laptop?! :-o

lulu said...

am sorry you had malaria... how are you now? and everything else in between, got to keturah? thanks for the kalango

eizzy.k said...

lol, firstly, take Kings's advice, practice alone!

About the land, very insightfull...

Malaria does suck, but can be cured easily if you start the dose early!

technology is a bitch! once you start depending oh her too much, something bad happens! Hell i have a whole post dedicated to my testimony on what a ruthless bitch she can be! (check out my blog 4 that & more)

and LoL, yeah Freedom, in the most depressing hopeless way posible!

Minty said...

Good post this. My someone said God stopped making land but we are still making people. So buy, buy buy, any land wherever it is.
I feel you on the guitar thingy. Luckily my daugther is at the stage where she dances at everything so my esteem is at 70% now.