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This week, for the first time in really long, I put pen to paper and drew a picture. I really, really, really hate how the other concerns of life have taken away from other things that are at least as important as having bread on my table. I no longer draw, I no longer write, I no longer stop to take the luxury of thinking about pointless puzzles. On this blog, when was the last time I posted a picture? Ah, this post. And the last time I posted a story for the sake of telling a story? Ah, this one. Strange, considering that this blog was founded on the high principle of mixing expressive art (drawing, writing, philosophy, et cetera) with the Communist Way. I’ve lost the plot. :o( And, to be honest, ranting wasn’t the point of the blog (originally).

But now, to redeem myself, I’ll spend this post thinking legibly.

I spend my life before a computer, and that is why I use the Dvorak keyboard layout. If you spend your life doing something, put time into making it comfortable. So, next on the list is a great chair that supports my lower back well. And lots of other stuff. I’m currently suffering from the results of bad sitting posture. It’s so, so far from funny. I realised I’d have to fashion myself a course in how to work healthily on the computer.

That brings me to another thing. Our educational system tries to make each of us one thing. You know, “You’re a lawyer, and you over there, you’re an agriculturalist.” That’s where it goes totally wrong. For any single 21st-Century person, other skills are absolutely necessary. If you get rich, for example (use your imagination!), you’ll hire one who was labelled Wealth Management Expert. But until you have him, you can’t get rich unless you are your own Wealth Management Expert. In short, you have to have studied more than your university allowed you to, if you’ll survive at all. The insidious thing is that the system teaches you to be taught, rather than to teach yourself. I’m going to do a “course” in healthy computer use. You need to do the same. But you won’t. And your university can’t hear your screams. Gwahahahaha.

Before I forget, my wee startup company has put up three utility websites. I don’t have Internet Explorer, but I trust some of you bloggers have it. So, check them out and tell me what isn’t working right. Solomon hosts me. He’s taking all my money, but he’s one heck of a cool dude, that Solomon. He went into the startup waters before I did, and it’s even inspiring. I don’t pay unless I need to; and he has made me pay. That’s the goal of my stuff.
  1. 1st In Line has a cool URL and cool utility. I won’t explain the sites here, because they should be able to do that. Check it out. It’s the one that seems to have the Internet Explorer problems.
  2. My Place almost shares a name with a Coldplay song. Check her out.
  3. was the first, and I made the regrettable technical decision to build it in PHP. I don’t know what posessed me, but I won’t re-write it until it pays me to.
I hope my liking for minimalism in interface design shows up. To make them user-friendly, I got help from un-expected quarters. :o) Most people under-estimate how hard it is for geeks to make user-friendly stuff, but maybe they’ve never seen MS Office. Or nearly any software, for that matter. If, as a programmer, you stray from minimalism, you’re creating a monster. I call that The 27th Comrade’s Law.

Next, I saw a lunar eclipse on the night of the 13th of January. But it wasn’t even predicted by the NASA people. Anyway, it was at the exact moment of the rising, and I’ll tell you: I’ve never seen a more-elegant sign in the skies. Wow.

I was at the UBHH, on the 15th. Coolest in a very, very long time. But I was on my best behaviour; ask JF. Except where I noted that the American Declaration of Independence, if translated to Arabic and words like “taxes” turned to things like “oil”, et cetera, it would work well as a dispatch from Al-Qaida, stating the reasons for the fight. Point being that the American founders were called terrorists, just as the Al-Qaida are, because they challenged an empire, just as Al-Qaida does. (For perspective, this Empire kills more innocent people every month than Al-Qaida has killed in its history. Who is your enemy? No, think before you answer.)

We talked and talked and talked. The topics swerved from why Africa’s coup history is a good, beautiful thing (because it shows that these people won’t let you shit on them—they’ll fight you), and that, by extension, fighting and war are beautiful things that cause bad things (it’s really beautiful that animals have enough dignity to exert physical force to prevent you from treating them like trash). From talking about the Aguda (co-incidentally, Rufus Wainright is playing right now) to discussing an interesting loop-hole in the Mosaic Law. And noting that Americans are fucked, because they’ve trusted their presidency with the power to resist any armed rebellion from within. If Bush had treated them like trash, they still wouldn’t be able to revolt. That’s disgusting, you incontinent burger-eating Western cowards! You deserved Bush! (I know, that’s unkind, but I won’t take it back. It’s too cool.)

It seems this Heroines story I wrote is quite popular. It has got me enough face-to-face plaudits. Hmm. Someone even said it’s publishable. But I just read an article that said books are dying. I’d be glad to become a writer, honestly, but better wordsmiths haven’t been published; why should I expect ... Oh, well. The fantasy was actually good while it lasted.

Please read about penicillin allergy. All of you. Turns out I have penicillin allergy, and if I ever receive it, I’ll get a life-threatening condition. In some medical jurisdictions (I made that phrase up, but it works), I’d be required to wear a band on my hand that explicitly states that I’m allergic to penicillin. Here’s an informative video. It mentions swollen lips as a sign. It’s not like I had thin lips, but you should have seen those I had with the allergy!

You know, if I stopped being a programmer, I’d become a writer. I actually dream of that. And also to draw lots of pictures. I’d probably have a blog where the average post looks like this. That’s some fanatasy of mine (second to the seedy one of the army of knife-wielding nuns).
Another thing, related, is that I’m excited about Lulu’s project. I should breathe into a paper bag immediately.

Is this too long already? I hope it is. I’m running out of thoughts.

Do you realise that the honk of a car is actually a language? But the grammar is too context-sensitive, which (I guess) is inevitable since there are only few symbols. All you can do is honk, and maybe vary the length and “tremolo” of the honk. But it is expressive enough to say things as varied as “Get out of the way, you old bastard!” and “Hey, congratulations on the new car!” But I hate honks all the same. In isolation, they don’t carry enough information to communicate politeness.

While we talk about language, I’m fucking tired of fucking saying the fucking F word all the fucking time. Fuck! And yet I can’t seem to fucking stop. But not to worry. I’ll employ my Pauline Philosophy of Dropping Habits Painlessly.

And, believe it or not, there was someone at the UBHH convinced that my hair was ... was fake. Gwahahahaha. That I had extensions in it. How sweet.

Longer! Longer!

You know, George Orwell wrote this column back then. It is interesting, in that you see the ideas of 1984 developing in it. He worried about language and how it loses some meanings, for example. It’s actually a nice chronicle of his ideas’ development. Start here. It has a Wikipedia page. It's rich. On the censorship of “fuck”. (December 6th.)

Last point. I know, by this time, I’m alone. So I’ll say things I believe. I’ll write for me.
Humans don’t take uniformity to be noteworthy, unless that uniformity is itself a lack of uniformity. A red ball in a heap of blue ones will show up, because it is not uniform. A heap of all-blue will show up in a group of heaps that are otherwise of mixed colours, because it is not uniform. This “showing up” I shall call “spiking”.
Unfortunately, the same humans think that positive spikes (when things break normalcy in the direction of betterment) are expected. It’s how humans are, and that helps them keep improving, et cetera. But negative spikes (when normalcy is broken for the worse) attract attention (because they are spikes) and criticism. “Criticism” can be positive or negative, but the positive end of that word has died, because of what I told you: whenever critics talk, they are complaining, so “criticism” comes to mean “negative criticism”.

This trend can be seen in politics (whenever anybody, for example, talks about Museveni, it is to say “This guy is bad, this is not working out right”). We didn’t talk of the climate until we were saying things are getting bad. The West doesn’t talk of Africa, except to count bodies or to note a battle or war. And that food critic in Ratatouille, Antoine Ego. :o)
It helps keep urging for betterment, but at the cost of truth. Truth is when both sides are told. This negativism, I don’t like. The solution, of course, is to consciously hunt for positive things in everything. Be able to say a good thing for every bad thing you can say, and you can’t go wrong.
I notice that’s the missing element in my raging against the West, for example, but fuck you: you won’t ruin my fun. Objectivity is boring.
I draw the line somewhere, of course. Or I risk becoming a suicidal 70-year-old twelve-time-divorcé who hates his body and hates everything and is incapable of seeing the beauty in anything. Same to you. Think about it. :o)


John Powers said...

I love this guy. On the sidebar under the label Synaesmedia are his other online projects. Phil Jones is a coder, quite unlike me who understands nothing of it, but like you.

Recently via Ethan Zuckerman I discovered Vender Relationship Management VRM--"It provides customers with tools for engaging with vendors in ways that work for both parties." It seems to me that your projects are right up this alley.

A while back Phil did a long post which points to an article by John Hagel about integrated companies unbudling into 3 different kinds of companies. IMB (infrastructure) CRB (customers) PIC (inovation).

VRM enterprise seems a fourth kind, but also seems a sort of glue necessary for the others. It's a sort of business that hasn't really been invented yet, but is so necessary. So I'm delighted to see what you've been up to. Your work really changes things.

Spartakuss said...

after reading all your posted links, i find that my head is turning.but it was well worth the read.
and for the pleasure of knowing you am going to post your stuff and companies on all my networks and you should be hearing from me soon enough.
you rock Rev!
[does that sound like a pedophiled child telling a priest?!]

Sybella said...

sometimes i wish i could be a fly on a wall of your brain just to see what really goes on in there... it must be continuously churning.... never slowing down...

except for maybe when detamble walks into the room and the blood all flows in one direction... ;)

Ashy said...

Honk language?! LOL!

Good job on the websites.

gayuganda said...


couldnt read all the post, but something caught my eye. The penicillin thing. Consider the bracelet, if it is true penicillin allergy, you need it.

I just happen to know, anyway.

The 27th Comrade said...

@John Powers: Interesting links. I had read one of them things sometime before.
I find that, in an internet as imature as ours, just-for-fun websites are not sustainable. Somebody has to be gaining almost tangibly before he/she bothers to start loading the page at all. :o)

@Spartakuss: All? :-o I'd not pull that off!
Thanks for the marketting. It may help me uncover bugs. :o)

@Sybella: Unfortunately, one half of my mind is beating up the other half most of the time. It's when the mind (as the whole) is coherent and in agreement that things are abnormal. :o|
And then the blood moves. :o) That was a nice one.

@Ashy: It occured to me when I saw some guy honking and doing nothing else, but somehow managing to get his point across. Or maybe the point was as simple as "My brakes, they are faulty! Moooovvvve!" :o)

@GUG: I'm actually freaked out about the allergy. I don't know, I may do the whole allergy thing. Why don't docs ask me or my care-takers before they poison me? :o(

lulu said...

but you... i love you, tell detamble i said so... you are A WRITER!

eizzy.k said...

lol! you should draw more!!
amour wrestle was tight!

and you could cut down on the can be a put off sometimes. how about a short intense post for a change?

nevender said...

Today I learnt about Dvorak keyboard and then forgot everything else...Daaamn, your posts are too looong.

Mudamuli said...

Once I begin reading your posts, I never stop until the end. Lol about the honk language. I think you are right.