Saturday, 1 November 2008

Happy Hour XX

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If memory serves, there has only been one month, since the January of 2007, when there was no Happy Hour. That means we would have had nineteen of them thus far, but this month had two of them. So ... We are at twenty. If my mathematics sucked, cool: I don't change much.
Girls discussed hair and hairpins. And we all got pink October-Is-Cancer-Month ribbons for our shirts. (Shirt mostly, but you can put it anywhere you wish. Just remember the pin on it.) I wore mine. I'm going to have the pin surgically removed from my chest, though. :o| I hope I don't be one of the 1% of breast cancer victims who are men (or boys, if you want to take a potshot at me).
Apart from hair, cancer, and lemons, we discussed ... um, hexadecimal numbering. Strange things happen when the djinn* and tonic has been plenty.

I'm about to hit some place for pizza. I'm failing to cut the story I promised into a smaller thing fit for the blog format. I'll likely not keep my promise. Sorry, everybody.
Anyway, now I need to go away from this computer.

PS: I hit the place for pizza, people. God!

* This rendition of “gin and tonic” is stolen from the book I returned to Dee at the Happy Hour.


Cheri said...

Man, I haven't worn socks from this blog in ages.

Hi Rev.

Solomon King said...

Finally, a post short enough to be comprehended.

I think Dee was a model student for the hexadecimal tutelage, wouldn't you agree?

And how's the fair maiden from the land of koalas and kangaroos?

Tandra said...

yes... the pizza?

31337 said...

and then what happened?

Sybella said...

that is a summary and a half...

Emi's said...

Only one word Pizza.

Story on rendition of “gin and tonic”?

Mudamuli Ntikita Ntikita said...

Hmmm! I guess I'm the only one who didn't understand the post this time.

leos child said...

no my dear neither did i whats hexadecimal tutelage sounds fancy!then pizza people bring me to light!

Erique said...

sup u idiot. pliz tell me u hated the pizza