Saturday, 13 September 2008

Keane Music, Puppy Love Expressions, And So On

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  1. Is it my imagination, or do some Keane songs bear more than a passing resemblance to some Coldplay songs? Nothing in My Way sounds like Yellow. At least in the beginning. And because Nothing in My Way starts like Somewhere Only We Know, same thing. We Might As Well Be Strangers is a lot like The Scientist. Everybody's Changing starts a lot like Speed of Sound.
    This, of course, takes nothing away from either band. Both bands are fitting heirs to VTO. But I'm thinking, the similarities make me think ... maybe it's my infant dislike for variation making a comeback?

  2. I envy Windows users only for the sheer variety of software they have. Now, can somebody suggest drawing software for the Mac (that won't take more than 10MB on the disk)? I need it. Can't draw on the Mac, so a cheap way to relax has been taken away. I tried the Paintbrush for Mac, and it's not yet goon enough for me.
    Also, I have the MacSword Bible installed, but I don't really like it. I want one that can take annotations. I don't have the time to write this software myself. Point me there already.

  3. I just found out that some weeks ago that some people feel insulted when you use the word "retard". I won't be using it again. (Taking it out of my speech may have to be very gradual, even though it's a recent acquisition.)
    As it were, I don't really believe that intelligence varies among humans. (It's a constant, but wisdom does vary, as does foolishness.) But that's another post. And when I say "smart", I mean "wise", not "intelligent". And "dumb" stands in for "foolish".

  4. Lastly, I think it is a real tragedy when you grow up and realise that the usual methods of expressing affection that were used during one's puppy love stage are no longer welcome. The thing about kids who fall in love is that they've not been told by glam mags and movies what the "right" way to express what they feel is. They just do what their heart tells them to do. Grown-ups do what society does, clichéd, pretentious, insufficient, and dishonest as it may be.
    It's sad that we so easily throw out these "childish" expressions. It's so sad that adults don't really communicate how they feel, because, maybe, it is an uncool way to express their feelings (or the feelings are uncool to express).
    And if you're rebelling against this, and you still give your loved ones food, spur-of-the-moment gifts, don't hide what you feel, write letters, cite songs (just don't call them "deds", though; "jams" is allowed), et cetera, you have a place in the Club. And I'm the Dear Leader of the Club of Communication From the Heart. This loss of honest communication may be the biggest loss when people become "grown up", which I (luckily) will never become.

  5. "Iconoclasts of the World, Unite!"?


DeTamble said...

Socks. Firsties. I'm more awesome than anyone else right now! Suck me!

Kobayashi said...

I just love both bands.

Chris Martin invited Keane's Tim Rice-Oxley to join Coldplay when it was forming but Tim declined.

Dennis Matanda said...

Dude, you should see the amount of drama that was expelled when 'retard' was used in 'Tropic Thunder' - a brilliant movie, by the way. But these life is fair, no?

Dennis Matanda said...

And Detamble, I am more awesome than you ... and I do not ask people to suck me! Ok ... I do ... But still, you get my point, no?

lulu said...

am at 5th !cold play is okay, i like maroon five

Spartakuss said...

@ Detamble: suck you? i am at a loss of words! ohh how? how for the love of god could you ask me to suck you?!

and 27th: am snickering at puppy love and the "game" theory. you ain't got game, you say whats on your heart and you end up yankin' it in like a monkey in a mango tree.true. honest to god.

leos child said...

am working on letter writing so yes i will join the club.

The Emrys said...

coldplay is prolly the best rock band at them moment. actually the lead singer of keane suggested the name coldplay.

am so with you via the expression of love thing