Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Moment of the Parting

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Hi, everybody.
I read your comments on my previous posts. Thank you. I'm still not on the Net. Like I said, I'm in the ghettos inventing your future. You have a stake in giving me my peace, quiet and solitude. It's for your own, selfish good. :o)
Sybella, I didn't see your thing about Gingko the albino kitten. Sorry. And, right now, I'm sad because Gingko is about to be picked up in some minutes. I have some small misgivings about where he's going. I wish I had seen your request before I had promised him to somebody else. But I got four kittens ... ;o) Seriously, there are some others that don't have homes yet. More anon.
And Scotchie, ah. "Oxymoron" is the word, I guess. Except I thought oxymorons shouldn't make sense. My thingies (for lack of a name) do make sense (or just try). But I guess "oxymoron" is the word. Scotchie is never wrong. :o)

I'm playing In My Place, by Coldplay. I have a big Coldplay thing going in my life right now. And this may be so last thirty minutes, but Viva La Vida is a great album. I don't use the word "great" lightly. Next thing you know, I'll be calling the band "mighty". Not yet, but nearly. "Mighty" means "a band that could do a collabo with Bob Marley and The Wailers and be heard above the reggae riddim."
I have that song on repeat, because my kittens are going away. This is the part I had put off for so long, and the lyrics are crying into my chest. "If you go, if you go, and leave me down here on my own, then I'll wait for you." :o(
These are the times I wish I had the magic effects of the opportinity to look at a lover asleep some metres away. Looking at sleeping people, particularly women, preferably a lover, has a sedative effect on me. Even sleeping animals try, but right now I need the strongest dose out there.

Comrades, friends, brethren, amigos, kin, blogren. I'm shifting from the slums soon. Since I'm going to be self-employed, I want to return to the City That Gave Me Birth. Kampala even arouses my dust allergies, anyway. I gave Gingko to my neighbour, thinking I'll be here to watch over the delicate thing, but now I'm moving and leaving him behind. On Friday, or thereabouts, I'll get Space sterilised (we agreed, and it will be the gentle two-course needle jab, not some invasive cutting procedure). Since it stops up her hormones, she'll not be able to breastfeed after that. And the hormonal change may even induce, I believe, a bit of apathy/hostility to the kittens. So they should all be gone by Friday.
Sun-Tzu is going to Peggy, Slim's friend. Dee has met her. Gingko to my neigbour. I'm yet to get homes for Khalid and Shaka. (Shaka once loved chilling out in my boots. Inside. Thought Puss in Boots was a hero epic.)

If nobody takes Shaka and Khalid by Monday, I may have to have them put down. Save these kitties. Shaka, Shaka I hate. Almost. Too adult for a kitten. Khalid, the runt, I love the most. Cutest felid on this side of the Nile. We bonded, because he was the smallest of the litter. I was the smallest in lower school. We are brothers, Khalid and I. You want a kitten, get one. You know someone who wants one, get one for him/her. My moving schedule dictates that I have all this sorted out by Monday.
Sybella, you could avenge yourself on me by taking cute Khalid out of me hands. ;o) Shaka and Khalid:

Now, in closing, I know some of you are laughing, saying that The 27th Comrade done got attached to his kitties. No ways. I'm too gangsta for that shit. Between bitches and ho's, I go shoot 'em muhfuckers, ridin' in my sixty-four, smoking Cohibas and sippin' on this Couvoissiere. I drive foreign features, bouncin' on ma 24's, nigga. We live so fly, nigga. These teardrops is for real, nigga. We make money and stack it like books. That's why my leather so soft. I'm on a paper chase, nigga. The money gon' come, or else I'm gon' get it. I love Entebbe like I love women. Lakeside 'til we die, muhfuckers. Kampala kids don't grow. We'll bomb on you muhfuckers. Niggas with a muhfucking attitude.
I'm too muhfucking gangsta for kitten love and shit, nigga.

Update: Gingko's depart box is here. :o( No! Nooo! I'm not gangsta! I love my kitties! :'{ I remember laughing at a woman who couldn't get rid of her many cats on Oprah, and calling it Western stupidity. God, have thee no sense of humour?


31337 said...

old man and a shoe.

oh someone please take the kitties! they look so adorable. -- this is not 3, at all. 3 is gangsta, bust a cap in their arse and that kind of shit. he eats nails for breakfast and gunpowder for lunch.

DeTamble said...

Comrade? *disbelief*

The dare-devil said...

Ditto DeTamble

Sybella said...

i feel what your pain 27th... i am sure the families they will go to will take good care of them...

and yes i will take shaka or khalid... cannot let them be put down. shall send an emissary

thank you.

Minty said...

Weweh! It was Minty who recomended 'Oxymoron'. ME ME ME!!
*wiping sweaty brow* Now let me read the rest of the post.

minty said...

Everyone's moving to Ebbs. From Museveni to Iwaya. Eh, Entebbe Entebbe ewooma.

Joshi said...

Part in peace Comrade, part in peace. Go with the spirit of the revolution.

Viva La Revolution

ps..someone has been listening to too much 'Rick ross and DJ Khalid'..'We the best'

petesmama said...

Many lucks and Godspeed with the move - all of it.

B2B said...

i see you are gangstarr forreal playa!

Too gangsta for kitten love huh!


Princess said...

Kittens, cats...disgusting scary things!
Oh, ok.So maybe yours are slightly cute in those pics.:)
Good luck finding them homes!

*No putting down. PLEASE![directed to all ye strange cat lovers!]

antipop said...

I never heard anyone mourn over cats as much as you. Glad they are gone. You should keep shaka. if only so we can have interesting cat stories, instead of these sappy ones you tell

cold play....very nice. so not communist like. i like the new you. listen to green eyes. then you will get all mushy like, and never want to let go of your cats.

this sounds so much like a letter, so it is only fair i sign off;

yours in love

leos child said...

hahaha nails for breakfast asnd gunpowder.shouold add doesnt brush his teeth now thats gangsta