Friday, 11 July 2008

Minus One, Plus One

Mood: Bored
[Toot!] Index: 0.2
Communism Bit: Off
Location: Job, of course

Gingko is back. The albino kitten, he is back. Y'all can grab him. I saw, Sybella, your comment. And, because I got Gingko back, that leaves me with two kittens to give away (Khalid being gone with Dusk, that Jazz and Spice girl). Check your mail for my number. My emissary sent it in the mail.

Also, Minty, I'm sorry about misplacing the credits for the word. I'm not as smart as you are, so you'll have to have pity. :o)

So, if you prefer a pure-white cat, you can have this one. Mainly because the one I don't mind having to kill is, you know, Shaka. >:o)
Blame the diabolical mood on something very close to heartbreak that I'm having right now. Very related.


leos child said...

sokies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! minus one plus one equals one.sorry about your furry ones think about it as making the recipients even happier.have you thought about donating them to a childrens home seeing as you practically breed them

antipop said...

not the cats again!

Princess said...

Well, the cats ARE ugly...
The owner on the other hand...:P

Minty said...

You're forgiven. You know I can never stay mad at you. :-)
How can you be thinking about snuffing out Shaka?
You sound like you need a kitty hug.
( .. )
> <

Lindah said...

I hate black cats

Minty said...

Miao! That was supposed to look like a cute puttycat. *sigh* You know I tried.

DeTamble said...

*pokes guiltily at the floor with a bare foot and holds out a Maoist red flower* Forgiveness Comrade?

And don't put down the kitty!!

Sybella said...

oooh, will be getting in touch with you shortly 27th...