Thursday, 12 June 2008


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First, two observations brought to you by your friends in my head.
  1. At about three weeks, kittens start to toddle. And there never was a more-touching sight than how determined they are to have Feline Grace on those unsteady paws.
  2. I'm probably late to this one, but Funk This, Chaka Khan's recent one, is good. Okay, I only done seen a couple of songs off it, but ma! One For All Time is a-playin' right now. Me lordy! La diva est en retour, and we gon' round up all non-believers. Who knows, maybe great music can be kick-started again. Insha'llah, I'll even go to a Chaka Khan concert 'fore me days are thru'. There is this other Castles Made of Sand, the one she got from Jimi Hendrix. It's rich with her voice, and especially since the Hendrix Guitar was preserved pretty well. It's horribly-beautiful.

"Horribly-beautiful". I'll explain. I like those adverbs that are the opposite of the adjective I append them to. "Disgusting" is disgusting. "Sweet" is sweet. So, I say "The gummy bears were disgustingly-sweet." I think it rocks, though not everybody agrees with me. I learnt it (or a form of it, or the possibility of expressing adverbs like that) from Ernest Bazanye, back then, although I bet he wouldn't ever know. He's a depressingly-good writer.
And what is the dash doing there, between the words? Well, I figure if I leave it off, then those are two words. "He is badly dressed" and "He is badly-dressed", which would you prefer? Think it through. I see the former more-often, but I think it is wrong. See, that last sentence "see it more-often" means the "more" is a modifier on "often". "See it more often" would be crying for a comma before it's wrong the right way: "see it more, often". Oh, well. Sorry for becoming Mr. Kabuye without warning. At least I didn't cane you over this? Maybe working with automated grammars has made me a grammar Nazi, but fuck it all. lets all right fucked up gramma [1]

By the way, I'm rare on the interwebs, these days, for reasons too ... technical, I shall say. Too technical to be explained here.
So now ... bye, I guess. :o)
Let me run over and see this picture of a disgustingly-beautiful girl dripping huge, sticky dollops of shimmering beauty all over my monitor.

[1] I catch the irony. In spelling "write" as the wrong "right", I imply we should right fucked-up grammar. And then I leave the dash out, so it means we are righting the fucked (people?). Up gramma hill, maybe.


DeTamble said...

SOCKS! Suck on that bitches! I'll read tomorrow. Niiight :-D

gayuganda said...


I read it through! Couldnt believe it when I got to the end, then I realised... It was short!

Grammar Nazi? Mr Kabuye?
Ok, I can work out the meaning. Esp when you append the 'Mr'

Gosh, now you have me picking up things from you.

Bye, let me rush off....

[do i say socks, or boots, or what?]

sybella said...

we miss you... when will you be officially back on the interweb?

you even ignored my plea to come visit you and see the kittens... sniff, sniff ((eyes tearing))

DeTamble said...

@GUG: The socks were mine. The only thing you're ever going to be getting is a car since you're way too slow for these socks! :P

@Sybella: It's okay. You're safe :-) Take Ginkgo. Hell you can have 27th too! Just let me kill him first.

@27th: *sniffles* Why can Sybella come play with the kitties? You're mean! I don't love you no mo! Evil kitty hoarding person!

DeTamble said...

*Can't. Stupid influenza induced (tactical) errors.

Princess said...

What say y'all we start a poll for who thinks Ernest Bazanye is NOT a depressingly good writer? :D

DeTamble said...

I like that idea. Who wants to put the poll on their blog?

Princess said...

*depressingly-good :P

Princess said...

You do it! Put the poll up!

DeTamble said...

Check it!

Princess said...

I done voted! :D

petesmama said...

Badly-dressed is a good thing. In my good old days, you could be "baaad" like MJ.

So it follows that you could be "getting down with your bad self", "pulling a bad move" or even "badly-dresed" and you'd be considered super cool.

lulu said...

hey, your stuill my number one greatest bloger,i love the way you write!

antipop said...

short. and sweet. horribly-sweet?

minty said...

Rev, Tonswaza, there's a word for it. Oxymoron?
Okay, you add your special brand with the hyphen.

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