Monday, 2 June 2008

My Family and other Animals

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Title of the post stolen from Gerald Durell's hilarious book. :o)

First, you'll learn, from keeping and observing growing animals, that the rule doesn't only apply to humans, but to all species of litter: family is easier to accommodate, even love, when you are not in perpetual contact, because the competitive instinct is directed at the entities we share Space with, family or not.

Now, it's already like totally clear and all that my cat had kids. Introducin' ...
Apprently, names matter a lot in this stuff of christening little ones.
So, I chose to name them after notable military figures. I'm sure Space understands; she wouldn't want her kittens to end up with names as weird as hers, which people would be laughing at whenever I explained the origin. Here is a pic of them on some dirty old towel right under my table! I know, it's not a good place for kittens to be, and they should be cleaner, too, but you know ... Constraints.

Shaka is over there, at the top of the heap. The one with most-contiguous markings of black. He has a white patch about the face, so I know who the father is.
Full name: Shaka Waciuri. The first name comes from Shaka Zulu, and the other is from Dedan Kimathi.

Sun Tzu is the one with that light brown coat. That brown threatens to be a very cute colour when he/she is grown into a big furry tabby. At this point, I don't know their sexes, but what the heck; just deal with the names. Anyway, the owners who end up with them will likely change the names.
The full name is Sun Tzu Miyamoto. :o) The Sun Tzu part is from the ancient Chinese military theorist, mostly to sate my sinophilia, and the other part from Miyamoto Mushashi, the ancient sword-swingin' Japanese ronin fuck who never lost a sword fight in his entire life.

Gingko is the white one. He/she is an albino, it appears. I think I've seen some dark colour in the eyes (after they opened), so that may disqualify the albinism, but I can't be sure. It's nice to have a White kitty.
Gingko biloba Menelik is the full name. The first name is both the first two words, with the second one starting in a small b, not a capital B. I fuss about my kittens' names, yes. Nobody gon' spell them wrong in my lifetime! :o)
Okay, so Gingko biloba Menelik gets the name from the Gingko biloba tree. Menelik is the Ethiopian Emperor who rode out against the Italian army, at the head of a resolute army of barefoot warriors, and routed the colonialists at Adwa. I love Gingko's names, especially the Gingko one. For reasons that are beyond the scope of this book. :o)

Khalid is the lighter one of the two dark ones. Probably the most peaceful of them all, and also the one who sticks against the bosom the longest. Long after the other comrades have fallen off with the sheer exhaustion that suckling brings, he/she is still kneading Space for more milk, and only getting started. Sometimes I worry.
The full name is Khalid Kibuuka. Named after Khalid ibn al-Walid, the Qurayish military general who died undefeated. He was quite principal in the spread of Islam, and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) gave him his nom de guerre, Saifu'llah—The Drawn Sword of Allah. He was nothing short of a military genius. He died of old age, complaining about having missed his chance for martyrdom. (But why do you expect to die, if you fight like you don't want to?) Coolest last words. "I die like an old camel!"
Kibuuka is the god of War in Buganda. For me, he's the most interesting of their gods. His remains are currently in the Uganda Museum, and his people are trying to get them out and take them to his shrine. Back then, the British found the remains somewhere and stole them and took them to Britain, and Uganda reclaimed them. Question: if he is a god, why do we have his dick and balls in the museum? Answer: he wasn't a full god, only a demi-god; I know, I saw him in a previous life.

When they saw what a military genius he was, they said "it's not a man, but a god we fight with/against". I was one of the Luo mercenaries hired by the Bunyoro-Kitara empire to contain this new state of Buganda. When we fell in their ambush, the poisoned darts were raining down on us from everywhere. The myth was that Kibuuka flew into the sky and pelted us from above. In reality, I think he only told his soldiers to shoot skyward so that the arrows would hit us without revealing more than their deadly effect. In running from the divine arrows, we ran towards his hideout, and I saw him before my throat was struck by an arrow. See? Not a real god, but certainly a military genius.

That's all. Now, as we go, here are some pics.
Space bleeding maternal love onto Sun Tzu.

Space, the kits, and a cyborg eye.

And it is all right under my desk. Some things, though, don't change. Like my horrible diet, and the thousand-shilling notes that you could hiss to pieces. And I didn't even have peanut butter, that time, so picture me fighting the buns plain. :o(

All these pics were taken when they were about a week old. They are like two weeks old, at the moment. The eyes done opened.


DeTamble said...

*pulls up skirt* Do you like my thigh high socks? Wore them especially for this SOCK moment!

The 27th Comrade said...

Okay, that certainly was quick ... :o)
On the thigh-high socks. Hmm. I remember Steve in Coupling saying "She wore socks!" and the Jeff says "And then what?" and Steve says "I begged!"
That "I begged" just may be the coolest delivery in that season. :o)

DeTamble said...

No way! I'm just writing about Khalid ibn al-Walid now!! In my assignment! Dude!

I really like Sun. I have a cat like him called Solaris.

I notice there is no name dropping for Gingko...

I'm telling my Mummy on you! You name thiever!!

31337 said...

i am pleased to meet your...[fill in blanks]...Rev. i wonder what names your progeny shall profess if this is what you came up with for Space's family. :-)

Cheri said...

U called yo cat Gingko Biloba???

Baz will kill u...that is his viagra/enzoy!!!

Ojawise, nice brood u have there.

Cheri said...

Lol DeTamble...u need to finish up with that work. I miss u!

minty said...

Cute as anything, those kittens. And the names are way too kewl. Not at all in consonance with that Icon of Western Sin you indulge in. Yes, the 3/4 full, 3ltr bottle of Coca Cola behind the table leg is visible.

Tandra said...

kitties!! waiit that didnt come out right

Princess said...

What's that to the left of your comp. in the last pic?
*I hates cats!
Cool names though... :D

sybella said...

oh my, oh my goodness ((trying to control herself to prevent the tear works))... sniff, sniff...

those pics are soooooo cute, kittens are the sweetest things ever. i so love cats... banange 27th can i come visit your digs very soon... like maybe on saturday?

haven't had any pets at home because of my young man and not wanting him to get allergies so early in his life... but i so want to have another cat... so can i pick up Gingko? ((looking at you with big brown eyes and purring like "puss in boots" of Shrek 2...))

sybella said...

detamble, don't bring out the knives (well acid in ug), i just want the kitties, 27th is still all yours...

Iwaya said...

Did you know Adolf Hitler loved dogs?

Peace said...

I had to show this post to my friend who loves cats. She has a cat that resembles Space and lots of kittens which her Mom keeps giving away. How lovely yours look! And how some things don’t change. I am sure I remember seeing a picture some time back with your computer, some buns and a 3 litre bottle of coca cola. And a banana. Hmmm!

Salam Taki said...

Space the kittens and kiss brokenness and Sun.

Shaka and Sun. Beautiful names for kittens. Shaka was my nickname when I was a warrior and Sun Tzu became my strategist when I grew older.

So will you farm them or sell them?

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Xena said...

I am in love....with the kittens...

antipop said...

i wish i could share your enthusiasm wit cats man. but i cant. i wont. they not even cute. whats my problem? let me go consult

Carlo said...

Um, some advice from a cleanliness freak: Man you're gonna get sick!! How many germs are crawling around on and under your computer? All that food and the cats? Tsk tsk tsk. But they be cute.

dante said...

late to the party, but im wondering why no one pointed out ur cat's in fact a whore. all them kittens definitely have different daddies

Anonymous said...

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