Saturday, 10 May 2008

Rantdom Thurogitts 2.4

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I think I figured out what I want to waste money on, pretending it is a business adventure. I'm being a bit hypocritical ("with the criticism of a hippo"?) in this business, by the way. Even having a business alone means I'm ready to fuck someone up for my own personal (even selfish) benefit. I dunno, being a Communist in a Capitalist society has its problems. I'll move to DPRK and go away from all this temptation, this land of shameless economic khufr.
And here is a post from good ol' Degstar from back then, kind of pertinent to my current state.

Someone once spat a number of aphorisms at me, and he didn't know I'd remember them. He was old, I was younger. He was about to die, and his speeches those days, as though he was aware of the impending end, were one aphorism after another.
I want to write them down as one quote, but remember that they were never this jointed. They were shot off one-by-one, in real life. And then I'll tell you why I note them now.
Don't do anything for society. Society doesn't care for you—people will be laughing heartily before your body is cold—yet you sacrifice a lot for society. The problem with following society norms is that you end up living by rules you didn't make; they are impersonal to you and your loyalty to them.
I know of a woman on that side of the road who won't leave her violent, unfaithful husband, because society expects her to stay in that gaol. I know of a man on that same side of the road who can't marry, because this same society would rise up in fury about his choice. So these two are making mortal sacrifices for you—you are enough to represent this society—and yet you don't even know about them.
You know, if you counted the number of people who make these empty sacrifices everyday, and nail their happiness against the tree of society, you will be sad. But not nearly as sad as they will be, when they realise this for themselves. Realising this is what marks the change from young and stupid to old and wise.
It was my grandpa, the self-same dude who would tell me to drag a smoke off his pipe, when nobody was watching. I remember him now, because I referred to him three posts back. The image of him saying Ecclesiastes 8, 9 right out of memory, smoke rising out of his beard (and he'd verbally underline chapter nine, verse ten), is rather strong. I don't know where it came back from. He said Solomon was his favourite philosopher.
I notice I still make many sacrifices for society (and no other reason). I wonder when the fuck I'll stop ...

I should show you the environment I rig up to be able to write this rubbish in serene peace.

I set up my system so that I have an editor in the middle of the screen, and nothing on the sides. I got this trick from seeing the Writeroom editor. It is good if you are into writing, and you don't want distractions while at it. If you use a Mac, get it and try it. Anyway, so I don't use a Mac at work. I use Debian. There is DarkRoom for Windows, and JDarkRoom for the rest of us. I got JDarkRoom, and I couldn't get it to run. So I rigged up what I have in the screenshot, and it comes close to the effect. It blocks out the rest of the world, and it's only me and my text. Plain text.
There is a ghostly-feint picture, in the background, of Bob Marley pulling a prophetic pose, and nothing else. (Click through for bigger image.)
It saves me from addictive distractions like The Cutest Thing, when I want to rant.


Princess said...

Bloody third world internet!
These firsties are actually yours, DeT!

*off to read!

Princess said...

Ooooh, those images are so NOT cute!
All that fur and....

Now the post: I think I like your grandpa.
And then there's that tantalising glimpse of your usual[and former] ranting power.
The one that awes.
It's there lurking under the surface.
This is good!
Now, I can go to rest. :)

DeTamble said...

No, I wanted you to have firsties!

Your grandpa was a very wise man.

I wonder what he meant - "a man on that same side of the road who can't marry, because this same society would rise up in fury about his choice."

LOL Princess! I find them a little annoying too, just have to close the window after the third lot of pictures, I'm not programmed to handle cute.

Finally, Comrade. Talk about taking your sweet time. I'm going to bed, it's 1am, you've made me waste enough time on your for one night.

Princess said...

Maybe the man in question wanted to marry a woman much younger than he was, or of a different tribe.Many things could sway a man in African society.

*Graciously accepting the firsties. Thanks! :)

Now off to bed with you!

DeTamble said...

Maybe he wanted to marry a man or maybe someone of a different colour.

Night!! *waves*

Princess said...

LOL.You got that right!

Jasmine said...

awww! the cutest thing is the best! the puppy wins on any day! aw. my puppy just pulled through a very scary infection and i think he will be fine now but last night, i feared he was gone and i didn't think i'd be able to take the pain. puppies are so cute. (i must stop myself now and stick to your post)

your Grandpa: such wisdom! i choose today to be old and wise, not young and stupid. may i realise now, (before it is too late) which unnecessary sacrifices i am making.

your geek speak: totally above my head as usual.

antipop said...

your grand pa, i would have loved to meet. now, let me just make a call to kanungu, to quiz the old man about how come he has never shared wisdom like this with me?

sybella said...

grandparents are the best. your grandpa seems like he was very intuitive...

the puppy is so cute... need a desk top background like that to cheer me up when having a hard day at work.

31337 said...

dropping wisdom still i can see.

i come here late but i sure do love the 'nix. i need to hook up that dock for my xubuntu.

writing, smart move, i do it in a text editor too, too many distractions *stares at chat peeps* and lol what nots. blogging unplugged?

Duksey said...

When I read about the things people of older generations say, I can't help feeling the loss of such wisdom

Peace said...

Your grandpa sure was a wise man.

I like the bit when he would tell you to drag a smoke off his pipe, when nobody was watching. Cool!

leos child said...

but oba i like your gramps, his right about bloody society and what it condones in the name of keeping face!my gramps taught me the luo migration his version so much better than the one i was taught in school.personally believe its okay to walk out of a marriage if your in it and would be better off out of it to avoid many regrettable things.

lulu said...

but you..... oi shall wash thyne mouth wth hyssop for using words lie f***, they so dont look you!

but as usual great post!n i agree with pricess, what ghastly immages!

Iwaya said...

why you blogging a lot less?

Anonymous said...

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