Wednesday, 7 May 2008

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Random things. I'd not manage to write them otherwise.

First, Baz wrote this here: Here and Then. If you didn't read it, go now. Read already. It's a beautiful piece. I keep going back to it.

Next, I've never really read any of Florence King's stuff, but she's the kind of intellectual I like. Basically, she's a rebel. American but monarchist. A misanthrope comme moi, and calls herself "conservative lesbian feminist". But I found this quote of hers that is why she shows up here:
As the only class distinction available in a democracy, the college degree has created a caste society as rigid as ancient India's. Condemning elitism and simultaneously quaking in fear that our children won't become members of the elite, we send them to college, not to learn, but to 'be' college graduates, rationalizing our snobbery with the cliché that high technology has eliminated the need for the manual labor that we secretly hold in contempt.
To add another French-originated word to that, touché. More later.

I hate Wikipedia. It takes more away than it gives. The only excuse I have for using it is how cheap it is to use it. I don't know if I don't hurt myself by using a cheap collection of mistakes and shit. I'll not go into details about why Wikipedia is total bullshit. The editors are the worst kind. The Americentricism is like a cancer there. Anyway, a time will come when we figure out something (nearly) as cheap, but with better quality. Wikipedia is a beginning, and not nearly an achievement at all. It may even be a failure.
But I'll keep using it. :o)

Also, since Dennis mentioned it, I'll take the time to say I think the Japanese cultural element of seppuku (or hara-kiri) is a good example of why I'll abolish the concept of honour after the Revolution. Honour is like slavery, chauvinism, and other concepts that may have been okay back then but have been exposed as evils recently. Honour almost invariably involves death, if you've noticed. Honour murders, honour rapes, honour suicides, honour raids ... Honour is closely related to revenge (against oneself or another). And revenge, when executed by humans, is invariably a failure at whatever it wants to be (bar wanting to be a failure).

Now, John Taylor Gatto. Notorious anti-school person. A teacher for decades. Teacher of the Year Award winner (quit the same year). Here are two things, one being Against School, and the other being The Psychopathic School (must-read). I quote the last one, here:
Using school as a sorting mechanism, we appear to be on the way to creating a caste system, complete with untouchables who wander through subway trains begging and who sleep upon the streets.
It is absurd and anti-life to be part of a system that compels you to sit in confinement with people of exactly the same age and social class.
It is absurd and anti-life to move from cell to cell at the sound of a gong for every day of your natural youth in an institution that allows you no privacy and even follows you into the sanctuary of your home demanding that you do its "homework."
I fear to quote more, lest I lengthen this beyond what even I consider a long post. Just understand that you have to read that piece. It's about America's schooling system, but we are committing the same error here, in Uganda. Then again, if we dared diverge, the aid would be cut. The result is that we'll have many people who are certainly schooled (with papers to prove it) but not educated. (America has many; their President once called Africa a country, for example.) TV features a lot in that essay, as a bad thing. Solitude features as a good thing. .oO Hmm.[1]
We shouldn't let that happen. I think that, if you really want the best for a child, right now, you'd have to face the fact that education is better attained by watching a fist-fight on the street than in class. If you want to teach your children to pick their minds, to think independently, challenge norms, be creative, school is the last place you want them to go. School is the very opposite of what anyone will call a good education. I've been a good school person, then also a self-taught drop-out, and my experience echoes what many smart people have told me, and it's what I assert here. Enough said.
A short Wikipedia article on one of John Taylor Gatto's books.

Happy mid-week.

Reminds me of a comic I saw yesterday ...

[1] I know a number of people who do little-to-no TV and lots of solitude, some of them my blogren. And, yes, they are of admirable education (even though their schooling is not always exemplary; some are even anti-school). Most of my admired figures are actually not schooled.


Tandra said...

happy mid-week!!!!

buttercookie said...

Happy mid week!!!

Hi Tandra.

-Miss Cheri

Mudamuli Ntikita Ntikita said...

Really interesting links. All of them, especially JTG's. Hmmm!

Denda said...

very viable points you raise in here sir comrade. my take though is this: that skipping school can work magic for the brilliant few and in a country where 99.8% are dumb, you had better send them to school to pick that college degree, find jobs, and move on to the next world.
but if i'm to argue as a student of st paul [of the bible], skipping school or no school, watching tv or enjoying solititude ... all those things do not really matter and are trash in the eyes of God. the truly greatest thing is to love God with all your heart, to love your neighbour as you love yourself and to always be prepared for the second coming of christ. for that's the oly ticket that will earn you entry into the eternal Kingdom of Christ

Princess said...

Again, I do not agree. At all.
Though some of the points you raise are viable.

*I'm considering coming for the next BHH, just so we can have a good old argument.When is it, anyway?

Thumbs-up for the mid-week post.We expect the obligatory Friday one though. :)

petesma said...

In an unrelated comment: Space must be in the second trimester... how are things?

Elle B said...

Hi, am in closet agreement but am afraid to venture out of the safe world school's created for me. Where everythings kinda planned. that's why am considering running away. maybe then i'll find myself

Peace said...

I wish young and the old could mix as it was in the past before schools came into being. There is a lot to learn from each other. Most of us go along our lives trying to figure out how to cope with different situations. Most of us lack mentors to look up to and it’s no wonder that we end up looking up to celebrities only to be disappointed when we discover that they too are human. They too are fallible. Some of us have never really grown up. We still act like children. Even after school, we are still useless to the society and useless to ourselves. Some of us know how to obey orders just like school taught us to but that is all. Some of us know how to email and talk on phones, radios and TV shows but are hopeless when it comes to interacting with people face to face. School has destroyed us.

Peace said...


Princess said...

@ Peace: But school has also taught us to recognise what it is that it has destroyed.
School has opened our eyes to our faults.Just as it's given life to our thoughts!

DeTamble said...

*arrives, panting, in a cloud of dust* Did I win?!?!

Princess said...

unfortunately, you did! :D

@ 27th: *gun to head


DeTamble said...

Yay!!!! Finally! I win at something!

@27th: Yes Comrade, post already! *raises knife to throat* Get typing!

Princess said...

He's busy commnting on everyone else's blog...

DeTamble said...

rather like us...maybe we should post. Hmmmm but I don't want to read my own post. He should post.

*pulls head back, exposing nice dark throat* Started typing yet boy?

Princess said...

I have nothing to post about.I'd rather hound him. :D

*clicks gun

The 27th Comrade said...

My computer is a bit dead, you see. I am on a foreign one, and i use a different keyboard. So typing is hard. When I repair it, the post is coming.


@Pmama: You know, them kitties come out any time now. i think we are well past the second trimester. It's the third. :o)

The 27th Comrade said...

The first one was for these evil twins, by the way. As in, @DeTamble and Princess.

Princess said...

Sheesh! Looks like we're gonna have to find a new victim, DeT!

DeTamble said...

@27th: We don't mind a few typing errors :-) So go post! Screw fixing your other computer! That can wait until after we've been entertained.

*jabs knife point softly into neck*


The 27th Comrade said...

*rises, hiding trickle on leg*

Princess said...

Looks like that trickle just turned into a pool!

*Where's my gun?
Where'd it go?

There you are.
*Clicks gun again

DeTamble said...

No way are we finding another victim! 27th is the perfect victim. Plus his dreaded head will look nice when we raise it up Medusa style!!! Do you have a pike to stick it on my sweet Sis?

Yikes, that is a pool!! Eh, Comrade, I think you should come outside so we can hose you off. *lowers knife* Sis, is there a towel or a spare pair of pants somewhere around? Didn't realise he was such a sissy! And who's going to mop up his mess, god, it's like having a new puppy or something. Sheesh!!

Princess said...

1.Pike. Check.
2.Hose. Check.
No towel, he'll have to jump around the garden till he's dry. :P

The only thing I can find around here is this corny pair of pink beach shorts.
Think the sissy'll mind?

DeTamble said...

Mind? No, I think he'll look gorgeous in them. He won't mind :P

Princess said...

@ sissy: now that you're dry and... cute?


The 27th Comrade said...

Pink shorts? Ya Allah! Gwahahahahahaha.

Okay, lemme go tear the computer apart and recreate it. That way, I should heal it and post.

DeTamble said...

He aint posting :-( Him and his stupid keyboard needs! God fucking sissy is what he is!! Damn him for having keyboard standards!!!! On the bright side I guess ummm oh no wait, there is no bright side to this!!

Who wears short shorts? Comrade wears short shorts!!! HOT PINK SHORT SHORTS!! Damn, I wonder if Wilde would like that? ;-)

DeTamble said...

Tear it apart? Ohhh we can help! We got weapons! Boxing gloves! Teeth! A wall! Knives! Guns! Pikes! And the most impressive of all, Gay African Men in a Uniform of Hot Pink Short Shorts!! That should scare your sissy computer Comrade.

Princess said...

LOL! We should go leave a message at Wilde's...
You know, knock the door and slip the note under the door.

Hold it!
[adjusting pike]
Takes a few steps back, postitions camera.

*Bright flash from camera.

Now we can slip the pic under his door and attach: "DO YOU LIKEY, WILDE?"

Princess said...

*knock ON the door

@ DeT:Let's take the pic before we help with the comp.

DeTamble said...

*pulls Cemetery Child face* SNAP! Let's go knocking!!! Cya useless Dread Head! We'll be back when your seedy slutty computer is fixed!!

sybella said...

lol... princess and detamble, you are amazing... just been at gug's now you are here?!

DeTamble said...

We also at Wilde's. We a little like the plague...

Princess said...

@ Sy:it's how we do! LOL.
@ sis:Damn!I think we really tore apart the computer.We gottaa lay off on the pike thing. :D

27th, you CAN fix it, can't you?

DeTamble said...

Ohh please Comrade! You can fix it, right???? *leans over shoulder and stares at computer* What happens if I push that button? The big red one?

31337 said...

...The result is that we'll have many people who are certainly schooled (with papers to prove it) but not educated...

that hits home with me Rev.

and it looks like the semi-evil twins are on your case. heh heh!

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