Friday, 2 May 2008

Newton's Third Law of Motion

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I've been writing this first line for more than ten minutes. Writing and deleting it. I've changed the wording et cetera, and it has failed to come out the way I want. The alternative—this that I'm doing—is to start by describing that failure. I rarely fail at failure. It's an easy way to start.

I wanted to ask, without seeming like my usual self, whether anybody finds the complete absence of the pro-Mugabe voice on the Net worrying. Don't you people worry about judging based on one side? I know, he's a bad person, the spawn of the very Lucifer himself, and I'd only be marginally worse if I were the President of Zimbabwe. But still, doesn't anybody worry about such uniformity of opinion? I know I do. Every link I click about this thing of Mugabe losing his election takes me to weblogs that nearly look like calculated propaganda (complete with slogans). And here's a link to Time magazine (published before the results were announced). Tell me what's missing there. If you know of any maybe ZANU-PF blogger, please link I.

You know, Jude always starts what he calls The Countdown to Dissatisfaction, whenever people do something like vote in a new leader.
Anyway, if you have a link, put it in the comments. Maybe Mugabe blogs. :o) I'd like to see what the pro-Mugabe 0.001% sound like. That's all.

Lex III: Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse reactionem: sive corporum duorum actiones in se mutuo semper esse æquales et in partes contrarias dirigi.
— Isaac Newton



Tandra said...

interesting point u raise Rev.. when u find'em links.. share..


Elle B said...

I donno why there ain't any pro Mugabe links. Amm guessing every body's kninda had enough. No one's making any excuses for him any more

DeTamble said...

Yo, Rev. Screw You. That's general screw you and has nothing to do with this post, which I haven't actually read yet.

The 27th Comrade said...

And, no, this doesn't count. Pure Timothy Kalyegira stuff: start off with a logical argument, then close off with tripe, banking on the nod momentum to garner followers.
I hate it when I see competing (even better) propagandists. So, don't give me pro-Mugabe links. Give me pro-Mugabe blogs. Thank you.

@Tandra: I'll put them in my sidebar, maybe. :o)

@Elle B: Well, Mugabe certainly has supporters, even if only himself. Those are the links I want to see. It can't be that he has none on the Net. I find that hard to believe.

@DeTamble: Good! I've always wanted that ... ;o)

antipop said...

joan of arc, mother teresa, princess diana,avril lavigne


mugabe, kony, hitler,osama,sadam,

antipop said...

hahaha. communist. i mean about that link and it does not count

antipop said...

about the first comment, i hav something nice to say about the characters in the first two groups. not so much the third group. and i guess people share my sentiment?

gayuganda said...


I mean the counter to DeT. You have always wanted someone to screw you? No, I am not offering...

Just wondered, you still a virgin??

Ooops, did i write that?

To the question you have asked, I have also been wondering about the Austrian 'House of Horror' case. I have not seen one blog or supporter, saying that the man monster did a good thing, I mean, drugging his daughter, raping her, making her a sex slave etc etc. Surely there should be someone to defend her? err, him? Surely he is not such a monster?

Serious, communist, there should be at least one voice that is raised in defence of the man monster of the House of Horrors? Will you raise that voice, oh supporter of lost causes?


The 27th Comrade said...

@Antipop: Surely have nothing good to say about Mugabe, Kony, Hitler, Osama bin Laden, and Saddam, because you've heard nothing good about them, and a lot of bad. That's the problem; because you won't believe what I've heard about the first category, leave alone the third. :o)
By the way, is it true that you did what I was told you did, Antipope???

@GUG and Elle B: I did defend that man of the "House of Horrors".
See the kind of reaction I got, even though I wasn't trying to absolve him (a better thing to do, by the way, than condemning him while remaining incapable of delivering such a complex justice). I was only trying to point out that he's not sane and should therefore be judged accordingly. I got back blind backhands, instead. That shows much I won't go into now.

But the fact is that Zimbabwe's opposition is claiming that it got 50.3%, not 47.9%. If they got 50.2% (I choose to believe their lie for simplicity), they definitely didn't trounce Mugabe that much. So, these people who gave Mugabe the one single vote that the opposition didn't get, are they being censored? I don't mean that they don't exist on the Net. You can find anything, any group, anybody on the Net. I mean that the World is snubbing them, and silencing them by not linking to them. I want those blogs, people.

I don't believe everybody is trying to conform and blend in and echo.

DeTamble said...

@GUG: "@DeTamble: Good! I've always wanted that ... ;o)"

I think he meant he always wanted to screw me. Not he always wanted to get screwed.

gayuganda said...


please, you did not get my message?

Ok, go to my blog. And you seem to have a very heavy skin. I mean thick as in a rhino hide. Talking of all the comments which tried to hammer some sense into your brain.
Sigh, like eshuneutics said of me, teaching a believer is dullllllllll!!!!

AS to deT,

of course darling, I know exactly what he meant. And, me, being me, I wanted to clear up some points, as in being ....

Peace said...

Well, I think Edward Echwalu might know of some links because I think he loves Zimbabwean news. I could be wrong.

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