Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Mood: "Parabolically-angry"
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I won't smudge my blog's otherwise impeccable record with a link to Bukedde.
But still, I'll just note that I'm just sick, sick, sick and totally, totally, totally tired of that paper.

I'm sick of the macabre, grisly pictures. That's what happens when demoniac editors manage to drag their itchy, syphilitic gonads away from their necrophilic orgies.
Those idiots—the entire satan-worshipping coven at Bukedde, from janitorial to `editorial'—may even infect the comparatively-good New Vision people. Soon, even they will be drooling at headless, bloodied nudes with aroused glee.

I usually take matters into my hands and shoot one or two people, when I'm angry enough. But I can't this time, because it is, apparently, press freedom to put stabbed necks on the front pages. Kids don't read the front page, do they? They are asleep when they are walking to school, aren't they?
I'm sickened. Some things, if they even deserve public mention, should be euphemised and hidden. Christ the Holy Nazarene of the Virgin Birth, I'm sick and fucking tired of that paper. I'm worried what I may do next.


Tandra said...


On bukedde.. no comment.. as to what you will do... i want dibs on ur strategy!

31337 said...

headless corpses on the front cover? speechless. *lighting torch and standing behind Rev*

Salam Taki said...

Pun it and it is still alright - Fire! Let me look up Bukedde!

Anonymous said...

You think Bukedde is bad? Dude i was watching Al jazeera last night about the situation in South Africa and there was this 'foreigner' being beaten to death, his body was still, and he was being beaten with planks of wood and metal rods and some chaps had footage my friend! Did you see how many photographers were surrounding the body of that guy who was beaten(cover picture new vision)..did you see that? No 'journalist' dared to even stop them being beaten but they were close enough to get 'great footage' for their media houses! Fuck them..fuck them all..the sons of vipers!!


Princess said...

*rushes over to bukedde to see what the unholy wrath is about-

Princess said...

OK, I'm getting behind 31337 now-

Phoebe said...

@ 27th & Joshi;
Tough life, some one's got to make a living.

petesmama said...

If death and gore didn't sell, we would not have blood on Bukedde front pages. If people didn't want to know who was shafting which Kampala socialite, Red Pepper would not be celebrating its 8th anniversary.

There's a gore-pervert in each one of us - it's just stronger in some. Where there is an appetite, there will be a product, unfortunately.

sybella said...

its just sad that what petesmama has said is so true.

i feel what joshi is saying... the world is so messed up!

lindwee said...

I pray Bukedde doesnt infect the New Vision.

Will The "Onion" infect the Redpepper?

leos child said...

as for bukedde to make matters worse they decide to put a chick squatting in only her underwear mbu nonya ananyanjula!lol.

Mudamuli Ntikita Ntikita said...

I heard someone say this morning on some radio station something to the effect that one can always tell what the front pages of Bukedde will read.

Anonymous said...

@Phoebe..Wat do you mean someone has got to make a living? These are people just like you, imagine if you were beating lashed to your death and the only people who werent beating you up were media hounds just taking pictures to sell around the whole? Where is humanity in that situation? None of those camera men stopped what was happening to that poor chap, to actually watch a human being die like a dog?
BLOODY HELL wat kind of people are out there?

petesmama said...

@ anonymous: Journalists are not policemen or paramedics. In order to document, they have to be detached fromthe situation. Sounds cruel, I know, but it is not as simplistic as people think.

If media "hounds" did not take the pictures, would the world know the extent of what is going on? And after the pictures have been taken, are we sure the hounds did not try to help?

You may be in the taxi park watching a "thief" being beaten and burnt to death. You cannot stop a mob (unless you have a death wish or an UZI). So you could do nothing, or you could take a picture that may help identify the killers and document the incident. Is the one who does nothing and walks away "a better person" than the one who does nothing but take a picture?

There are some callous, unscrupulous journalists, but what profession is spotless? Life is rarely black and white. Appreciate the shades of grey.

gayuganda said...

Very interesting discussion.

Would I be justified in not helping a person because I am doing my work, and stopping to help would stop me from doing my work.?

Tough question. And one which I have to reserve for thought. Because circumstances do differ.

Age old question, does the end justify the means?

feather said...

they no news is good news. seems to be the case with bukedde

Xena said...

Hmm, Bukedde, thispoint i am not even sure which i have more contempt for, red pepper or bukedde?
Eh, at least these days red pepper has moved their rubbish away from the front page.
I don'k know what the bukedde editor will do the day he fails to find a gory or obscene picture to put on the front page.
I think he's capable of having his photographer take pictures of him having sex with some chic in a bush or one of him standing on a stool with a rope around his neck mbu he was trying to commit suicide......
And what's so funny is the number of people that read this paper, their headlines are usually written to be proving eg; "babakutte!!!" "Yesse" etc
I have so much to say about bukedde, i might end up blogging here so i'll shut up now and keep shuddering everytime my clients specifically request that i place their ads in this piece of charcoal stove making paper......

gayuganda said...


that ducks the question. Bukedde does sell. Makes money. So, the editor has an obligation to continue his despicable publishing. Even make it worse.

What do you say, 27th?

The 27th Comrade said...

GUG, you put us in a hard spot, there. You declare photojournalism as a job (like, say, sweeping the road), and then ask whether it's okay for one to go on with the job while someone dies.

Frankly, I dunno what to think then. I know, though, that when I see a photo-opportunity, I'm likely to snap it then help. These two shouldn't be mutually-exclusive. (But maybe they are.)

gayuganda said...


Know why I like you 27th? Because you can think. So I needle you, and you come to your own conclusions.

Maybe one of these days I will make you understand that few people can read diatribes. Your so called rants!

But I am getting above myself.

Photojournalism is a job. Heard of the guy who could no longer push himself to shadow Britney Spears? He was doing his job. But the job became sickening. Though his editor could still pay him very highly to get his job done, the fact was that he was tormenting a sick woman. Britney Spears.

So, does the end justify the means? Or the means justify the end? Or what?

Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

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