Friday, 16 May 2008

Apologies, Grammar, Gadgets

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First, the apologies. :o)
Sorry, world. Sorry, everybody. Sorry, DeTamble. Sorry, Carlo. Sorry, Antipop. Sorry, me. :o)
I've been pretty dark on my posts. Negative and all. The mean streak leaking onto my keyboard, and so on. I'm putting ranting aside, if only for a while. I figured I should have another blog for my "opinions" and leave this to have more sanity, but that is impractical at the moment. I'll just put the "opinions" on hold.

Next, the grammar.
You see those sentences up there? "Sorry, DeTamble. Sorry, Carlo. [...]"? If I was slow with my comma, it would turn from "forgive me, DeTamble" to "pitiable DeTamble". That's what "Sorry DeTamble" would mean. Grammar matters, y'all. Oh, wait. No opinions allowed. :o)
Actually, so I'm a grammar freak. Whatchu gon' do? Whaatchoo gooon' doo‽
That brings in the interrobang. A character, informal, that combines the interrogation, okay?, and the exclamation bang, I swear!, and giveth I the combination. Interrobang!? Interrobang‽

I bought me the Samsung C160. There are a number of shortcomings and successes on this here phone. No Bluetooth or Infrared. Is that sane, for a phone done in 2007? Maybe they figured it was useless, since it can't play MP3. Also, when you type with the T9 dictionary, where the space key and the "guess next word" function are on the Nokia are swapped on this phone. I'm not saying they should ape Nokia, but Nokia got it right, because if the space, which I hit a lot (since I write SMS in good, uncompromised grammar) is closer to my thumb's base, and I use the thumb to type, it becomes impossible to twist the finger to hit the space. Plus it cost me Shs. 120,000/=, and I was told I could have got it cheaper elsewhere. But I've seen it on a billboard in the old taxi park, so at least I got a product Samsung actively cares about. Consolé.
Oh, and it doesn't wake me up. The alarm only works when it's left on, and I switch my phone off to sleep.

But what went right with it outweighs the bad, for a relatively-cheap phone as her. (It's a girl, my phone, and these are the features that gave it away.)
The phone is gorgeous. It'll be on a feminist glam mag cover. Here:
Also, it has FM, though I don't use that. It surfs the web, though (again) I don't use that (no way to turn images off, though, which hogs my money when I surf). It has nice, chimey sounds all over. It's so simple, and lacking many features, which is good because the little you have will become second nature. It doesn't try to do everything, and succeeds at getting that right. It's not anaemic, not bloated—just right.
And the keypad, O God. It's very nearly an erotic experience typing on its keys. And the key tones have a "xylophone" mode that even I, hater of phone sounds, left in. Big, big characters on the screen, too. Nice phone.

Also, my Ma sent me this disturbingly-gorgeous MP3 walkman from Sony. It's such a cute wee thing. The backlight is clear, the text clean. It's sturdy, light, and has a cute velcro holster. I just got it today, and I already adore it.
It has a calorimetre, so helps you when you use it during fitness excercises and the like. It is no iPod, but it need not be. I mean, it came with some really fine music. It has already won. (Norah Jones, some psychedelic guitar-work reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, Chinese instrumentals, some Iranian drums and flutes, some screeching rock, and too much sensual jazz.) It is coolness in and of itself, even without the über-fast USB charging. It's like having a Danish cookie fall from the sky into your lap. Wait 'til it is engorged with M'bilia Bel and Jean-Paul Samputu. :o)
I nearly added some crude joke about how I may subconsciously be drawn to it as a phallic symbol, but I don't think the time is right for Freudian jokes.


DeTamble said...

Socks! Socks! SOCKS! OMG I'm coming! Oh, no, I mean Socks!

DeTamble said...

You're forgiven. But in case you hadn't noticed I do have a soft spot for your rants. I'm going to miss them. Can't you rant occasionally? Oh Puhlease'm? PLEEEEAAASSSEEE!! I'll show you my tits for a bi-monthly rant!!

I don't think your text messages are as good as you think they are.

Your phone is sweet and simple, like mine. It's a girl for a girl, other girl, not saying you're a girl :P Though...

*coughs* My iPod is green *coughs*
I didn't think Auschwitz inhabitants needs calorimetres...

You have Chinese instrumental music on your MP3? *eye twitches with jealousy* Alright, let us make a deal, you bring your MP3 with your Chinese music to the BHH that I will be going to and I'll listen to it all night and ignore everyone and in return you can have whatever you want, except money, anything but money.

DeTamble said...

Socks, Boots and Thirdies? What happened to the rest of you? I shouldn't be allowed to do this...but none of you are here *teehehehehehe*

The 27th Comrade said...

Okay, I'll rant for you, if you want. ;o) But not here, because there's a gun-toting army that is upset about them rants. I probably hate the rants myself, as well.
you think they are.

I have the girl phone because it resides in my pocket. You know, on me all the time. I don't trust guys and guy things.

I don't need calorimetres. :o) Auschwitz took care of that. ;o) It's the one part I hate about it the most, because I won't use it - ever. But the rest of y'all may need that feature.

Leave the Chinese MP3s. There's this jazz playing right now, in Spanish, with cellos that seem like they are just in worship. It's pretty music.

DeTamble said...

*glares* I didn't ask for your jazz. I said I wanted the Chinese music. I could do with a calorimetre.

Peace said...

About the Samsung C160, that was a really bad deal you got.
1.No Bluetooth or infrared
2.Can’t play MP3
3.It was sold to you at 120K yet you could have bought it at a lower price
4.As if that is not enough, it doesn’t wake you up.
What's with that?

As for the apologies, remember, don't do anything for society.

I’m always blown away by your rants.

I wish I had such a mind even though the wit therein scares me sometimes. It makes me feel so daft at times.

petesmama said...

Never apologise for doing you.

Especially when people actually have to type in a long IP address to see your stuff.

We will begin to doubt your authenticity of you be there censoring everything and sitting on your rants. And medically, sitting on rants causes constipation.

Tweyagale ffeka ffeka, atayagala agende! (DeT, that is a popular nursery rhyme thing for 5 year old cliques. Generally, you link your arms together and skip merrily along chanting: we like each other and whoever is hating on this clique can go to hell. And really - socks, boots, a vest and two other comments? I'm sure an assignment is suffering somewhere.)

DeTamble said...

@Petesmama: You're right. There is an assignment suffering from deep neglect somewhere, but Shhhhhh!!! He gets really mad at me when I ignore my assessment for the blog! Last time I got a berating email!! So SHHH!! He's scary when he's telling you off! I felt like I was six and had just broken a window with my soccer ball...

Anonymous said...

Where is the spirit of the revolutionary in you? Apologi'ng for your rants..


sybella said...

rant away 27th, tis your blog. if they don't want to read, balekeyo! lol... i just had to...

but seriously, petemama is right. don't suppress it all in. it is YOUR blog.

smelling the coffee said...

when you stop ranting, i'll take my computer elsewhere.

Tandra said...

im green with envy!

31337 said...

damn! that there gadget is the shit! the earphones it comes with are crap though, i know someone with a pink one... ....hehehe!

DeTamble said...

It just occurred to me that my name crops up in this an awful lot. You getting at something here? Quit thieving on my name.

Anonymous said...

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