Monday, 19 May 2008


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So, I'm Museveni's biggest fan among all you blogren. If you ask me, I'll say there is nothing stopping him from running for President—and undoubtedly winning fairly and squarely—until he just gets tired of his own popularity.
Okay, I sounded like Ofwono Opondo, there, but still. I think Museveni is very, very under-appreciated. You have all these frothing idealists calling him names, but being a President of a country like Uganda is thankless.

Anyway, my archives have all the pro-Museveni side of me, and the occassional anti-Museveni side. However. I've noticed that his sign, or that of his fans, was three fingers, when he was running for the third term. Pinky, ring, middle. Now, I see pictures, already, of people flashing four fingers, urging Mzee on to his fourth term. Pinky, ring, middle, and index finger. Besigye took the two-finger V salute, index and middle, but he's a queue-jumper. He didn't start with one digit!
I couldn't help noticing that Museveni fans are running out of fingers. On his fifth term, they'll have overflown into the UPC territory. Things got hard to visualise, so I just jumped on to the year 2066.


Tandra said...

like OMG! boooooooooooooooooooots!

Rev.. u just made me day.. ROTFL

antipop said...

hahahaha. 2066...unfortunately you wont vote. you wont be able to see where to tick on the ballot box.

sybella said...

lol... 27th, had never seen this comedian side of you

Salam Taki said...

Comically but it is like Ssevos revolution is really a revolution even in symbolism.

It seems time will come when one you will use all fingers, and toes and will need to reach out to your neighbour for assistance to made the 21st term!

How would you illustrate that?

Your peace, Salam Taki

Peace said...


This is really funny.

leos child said...

when the madness of an entire nation..................

threetypesofcrazy said...

This had me laughing.

Princess said...


cb said...

am all 4 it com. believe me u'll never walk alone!

Anonymous said...

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