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Angry, Angry Medley. Or Leave Africa Alone.

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Rant mode, comrades. :o) I talk, angrily, about homosexuality, Americans, the Daily Monitor, Museveni and Besigye, the Constitution, populist empty-headedness, a plan to exact justice from a perceived `untouchable', and other bloggers. It may be long. Continue at reader's own peril. I would strongly recommend ((o:) reading the whole thing, even if in episodes. Or, at least, skim it. This is the angriest post by The 27th Comrade in his memory. It may even be extreme. You've been warned. Three, two, one, read.

First, I can't post comments. That has done a lot to ruin my mood. Neither on my blog nor on others I read a lot. It seems restricted to (and caused by) And this is a Google service! Just when you thought Google = Technical excellence. A search (on G***le) reveals that everyone out there is suffering. I tried out Wordpress, and I want to tell all of you: it is better. By far. More later.

Now, here is today's Daily Monitor headline: Why Police are not Arresting Homos. And on the following pages, they put: Gay testimonies: We are persecuted.
You know the voice they are using. That deep, haloed baritone of concern, dripping with solidarity with the oppressed. The idiots.
When Museveni got his parliamentary majority to do what a parliamentary majority is supposed to—affect the constitution to further the Party's ideas—he was rebuked by this same newspaper (abusing its principal of neutrality). The Monitor said it chose sides in this war, because it was interested in protecting the constitution, blah-di-blah, and that that meant opposing Museveni. But we all know that he did nothing against the constitution—I dare anybody, even Besigye, to point out what was against the constitution in all that happened. And you know what the Americans say? (Check Museveni's page on Wikipedia, for example). `He abolished term limits ...' Anyway, let's ignore them for now—they think the world is made of dictators, the best of whom keeps innocent people in Guantánamo Bay Concentration Camp. The truth of the matter is that opposing the third term was just a popular thing at the time, even when it had no principal behind it. It was a cheap, sure way to get noticed, get a free drink, and maybe get sex. I used to be antagonistic by saying, to a group of sweaty FDC freaks, `Yeah, he has over-stayed; he should go. Twenty years is too long. And so should God. And my Dad. And my boss. And the janitor. And the teacher. And the Constitution. Dr. Besigye is right—twenty-one years is too long!' Now we have settled that. Many things are supported because they make us look radical and worth giving sex, not because we even bothered to think them through. The average FDC member (all, that is) was too stupid to see that this was Uganda's most constitutional moment in history, and maybe for the next six hundred years—that a sitting leader had to depend on the parliament to do for him what he had fought a war for before (while not president).

The same thing, unfortunately, applies to this sick push for gay rights. The Monitor is only lightly-veiling its support for gay rights. Noble goal? Maybe. But think: it is against the Constitution to be gay. So, the Monitor is abating acts that break the law? You decide. These are the Grand Guards of the Beautiful Constitution. I am waiting for Dr. James Nsaba-Buturo to say `We ... ah, must preserve the Constitution. On this I am resolute. Homosexuals should be hanged in public. We have a Constitution to protect ...' Or, even better, the Monitor should say this, being the Grand Guards of the Beautiful Constitution. Now you see why it is wrong to take sides when, by definition, you shouldn't? There are more lessons to learn in this. That is just one of the million. The other is that ... the `Good People' are going to get a parliamentary majority, maybe even pay it a touch of bribes, and get it to fix the Constitution to allow homosexuality. Will the Monitor oppose that, because it hurts the Constitution? And the Americans will draw horns on the niggers' heads and say they abolished homophobia, those stinky dictators in the Savanah? Or draw a halo on the Brilliant Leaders' heads, for abolishing the clause?
What is the point? The Monitor people are keeping up their populist empty-headedness, which, unfortunately, we all exhibit from time to time. These days, being pro-gay rights is to express modernity and forward-lookingness and `equality among ... um, men. No, pun accidental.' Not that they have a real principal behind their frothing. Sadly, most of us will just go and deify the activists, who are often more-militant than those who hate them, which robs them of the support I'd have given.
In case you have gotten dumb ideas, hear me out: I am completely and totally against the stigmatisation of homosexuals. The only time I will let the oppression of homosexuals pass is when we step up the oppression of lying politicians, evil priests, and the like. I am going to support a homosexual before I support a priest. At least homosexuals aren't Pharisees. I don't see why homosexuals are oppressed more than liars and thieves! If both be crimes, why do we still have ministers who cause the deaths of hundreds, and chase down homosexuals because they have kinks, many of which we surpass (by, say, being violent to our wives/children/students/citizens) even though we are heterosexual? Why is homosexuality worse than being a quasi mass-murderer? Or a wife-beater, or a parent who doesn't provide for the kids? Can't these vices be found among the self-righteous homophobics?

And it is almost heart-breaking to see how oppressed these people are. Read the story of Brenda Kizza. Call this an alliance of two evil people, but I side with him/her. :oD
Clearly, homosexuals are not genetically gay. That's a lie I don't have time to talk about. But the conditions that get them oriented to being gay are as much out of their control as the conditions that got you to have the accent you use when speaking English. I fear heights, because I barely survived a fall, when I was little. They prefer homosexuality, maybe because they had a mean parent, who forever skewed how they see the other sex. I am glad that I don't have to suffer with them, since I love my women. :o) But I don't see why they should be oppressed. I like girls in whom I see my mother, for example. If I had been a girl, with the same mother, I'm very certain I would be a lesbian. (Plus, I really think lesbians rock, when they aren't as militant as the homophobics, but just chilling. They are even a turn-on.)
Still ... I must tell you I have expressed, and still express, some level of distaste for male homosexuals. It borders on murderous hate. But I know that my hate for them is unjustified, and should be punished before homosexuality is punished. :o)

Then: I put a comment at DM's post that generally sums up much of how I think regarding Museveni.
Then here: if you thought I am just a reactionary extremist frothing at the beak, here is Jasmine noticing that the stereotypes of Africa have gone a little too far.
And then the guys designing a laptop for Third World kids ... f*** them and all they stand for. It based on the wrong assumption that kids will take it with them to hunt, or use it in their clay-wall classes. Or that they will need easy translation from English to local languages. They have wasted a whole project by going on the wrong assumptions the American propagandists are peddling about Africa. We speak and write better English than American novelists and their European neighbours. Yes, `neighbours', with a f***in' `u' in it. We don't keep pet lions, for f***'s sake! We don't need a machine that will introduce kids to computers—there are no Ugandan kids who didn't watch the bootlegged Matrix Reloaded two weeks before it was released. Sure, some Americans are going to point at a picture in Time magazine of the kids who go to a very broken school. Well, I'll point at the kids who are shooting their comrades in America, and say kids in America only learn murder in school. To all Americans: stop saying `Africa' when you mean `Those cherry-picked archive photos in Newsweek'.
And keep your friggin' brain-washing laptops. At least until they are going to create a laptop that won't say `neighbour' is spelt wrong. May all you Americentric idiots die a slow, horrifying death, along with your genocidic cultural imperialism. May fire and brimstone rain on you from Heaven. Or the Middle East, whichever gets fed up first.

Slave driver,
The table is turned,
Catch a fire,
You gonna get burned.
— Bob Marley (Slave Driver)

There is this weblog, dedicated to a concerted effort to arrest the Queen of England when she comes to Uganda for the CHOGM. Okay, I will confess: I am behind it. And I am serious. Arrest the Queen. But, please, don't mention me there. I'll stop it after the CHOGM. Are you ready for CHOGM? I am ready for CHOGM.


S.A.G.E said...

ok, am first on this communist page. Haah!

S.A.G.E said...

Now, they shoot without missin...wat do we do????

"Clearly, homosexuals are not genetically gay. That's a lie"

I totally agree.

On Lesbians, i prefer going for the noose than side with them. Silently, they oppress, suppress, depress, compress watever represents the authentic. I will say God, Jesus. It is an abomination to be involved in same sex sexual escapades. Yees, and i bounce off with the reverb. Word!

The 27th Comrade said...

Okay, the firsty is rad. But ... you seem to have cherry-picked my lines. You only saw what you agree with.
I doubt you read the whole fat mass. :o) Hey, see my reasons for siding with the homos. Until you see them, you are one of the people I'd rather have shot first, then homos next.

@All: Don't skip a part. Read the whole thing, please. And, no, SAGE-bashing is not allowed - do it elsewhere. :o)

Pernille (still) in Uganda said...

Why is homosexuality worse than being a quasi mass-murderer? Or a wife-beater, or a parent who doesn't provide for the kids?

----Thank you for illustrating a very good point! I actually do think I understand you at times ;-)Admittedly, I didnt read the whole post (I am packing my stuff in Arua for leaving....


S.A.G.E said...

Actually, i dint read da whole post. But by the time i pick lines dawg, dat means i read nuff. Who wants to bash a lad whose hands are tied back?

y.z said...

on 'homosexuality is not genetic' - i'm waiting for scientific proof which is still inconclusive. it has been proven that psychologoical truama is a major factor....but scientists are finding more and more proof that it could be genetic as well.

on everything else - i just swallowed two panadol from the headache i got from nodding emphatically, while thinking. "yes! an intelligent ugandan male! they are not extinct! halleujullah!"

ألاسمحاجّ said...

It's interesting your take on homosexuality...I guess it comes back to the age-old question, which is the greater evil?

I choose to dwell mostly on your last part of this post, 27th comrade; I don't agree with your opinion on the one laptop per child, OLPC for short, that it is an entirely useless project and aimed at promoting American imperialism over young African minds. If anything, this is part of an answer to Africa's biggest challenges of poverty and debt. Making Poverty History. Being in the field of new and ever-technology yourself, I'm sure you must know how the future development of the world and each country in particular shall be largely determined by its advances in modern technology. True, there may be some people with advance knowledge on the goings-on of the world, some even better at it than the Americans you so loathe. But truth be told, they are only a drop in the ocean. For every one 27th Comrade out there, there's ninety-nine little boys and girls who'll 'oh' and 'ahhh' at the sight of a laptop being opened and used in their communities -which isn't an everyday occurrence and mostly limited to when perhaps the government statisticians go over to do a count or relief agencies, a stock of the impact of their aid. For most of these children, the few times that they have interacted with computers has been in a text-book, and a lucky few, on a visit to the city. And even in the cities, most of the seemingly knowledgeable folk only actually know how to access 'yahoo mail' and 'hotmail' from these machines. Why? Because it's all they have been allowed to interact with (from the cyber shops that sprawl the city)...and even then, they must pay for every session. Yet if they had perhaps grown up wit each a little computer, not necessarily a laptop, opportunities of what they would have done with a computer would be limitless in their middle-age days. The OLPC project looks to a new generation, an I-generation, the future of the world. Not neglecting the poor countries of Africa and South America and maybe some parts of Asia too, this project presents children the opportunity to utilise (manipulate too, if you like) these machines to their best and who knows what we can have in a few years down the road...even a few more self-made people of genius, perhaps just like you that did not have to gain this knowledge and skill from Russia or India. It's the journey of a thousand miles, 27th comrade, it must start somewhere! And yes, if the children so wish, they shall be able to use these machines as they "hunt" or sit in their clay-wall classes. Imagine what with these laptops, one minute of hand cranking can do: generating sufficient power for the laptop to operate for 100 more minutes! You have to applaud the consideration there. And again 27th comrade, there wouldn't be a problem with spelling American or British or even Ugandan English for that matter, the software is being localised for different languages, learning styles and environments. If you like, you can supply them one (a software I mean) of your native tongue and you could still not have to interact with anything American! And just so we all know, the OLPC laptop shall not be for sale!! It's a laptop that shall be distributed to students only through the same channels that government school books are. Even better, it shall be the property of the child and not the school. I see a lot of potential for tapping latent talent in there. And you know again dear 27th comrade, the greatest tool of the revolution, the AK-47, I mean, wasn't made from scratch...the great Alan Kalashnikov actually built on a German prototype and with time, patiently but craftily built up that now most-used machine. Perhaps the AK-47 is too precarious an allegory to use here but I guess you can see where I'm going with this...we've got to start somewhere... and the OLPC project presents a good opportunity for the poor children of the third world to...for now at least!

I'm sorry I took up a lot of space here, but I really get passionate when it comes to issues of promoting advantage, fair trade and making poverty history. Cheers lad!

The 27th Comrade said...

@Y.Z: Now see what Google is making me do. I am replying to comments as they drop, because there is no telling when they will lock me out of my own weblog. :o(

In short, my view is this: if homosexuality were genetic, genetic homosexuals would not exist. Because chicken are genetically designed to lay eggs rather than push babies, chicken that push babies cannot occur. Homosexuals would have died out of the gene pool long ago, if it were a genetic thing, since their genes ban reproduction. You get?

Well, there is no greater evil of the two. On my scale, shit is boolean. Either good or bad. No worse or better.

And, Zack, Africa's problem is not debt or poverty. Understand that. Africa's problem is the existence of these imperialists. We were fine back then with no computers and no George Bush. All that changed is that America happened. And the West in general. Then they sold us, killed us, raped us, robbed us, and they still walk among us today, getting cheap superiority fantasies to sing in their groins, when they imagine a whole continent holding out a hand to get from their benevolent selves.

Not all of American kids have a laptop. Especially not those who aren't born of slave drivers (and their unrepentant descendants). Yet they have you convinced that there is a laptop for every African child? Think harder, Zack. It seems noble on the surface, but it rots with a putrid cesspool of evil beneath. These laptops will only further ingrain the dependence on the West in Africa. Go read about why India refused them. The Indians are making better machines at half price, in India. While the Americans are killing Uganda's chance to even start a computer manufacturing company, for example.
We don't want aid. If they can't trade with us, may fire and brimstone boil them. Plus, the kids don't need laptops for development to happen. If America is developed, did it happen because of laptops? The political turmoil that caused the back-steps in progress was sponsored by America and Britain, for example. Without the West, aid wouldn't be synonymous with Africa. And that is just one thing.
And you said I can provide localised software. Well, yes. They are using open source software, after all (even though I, personally, don't agree with open source). The problem is not the software. I can provide software even for cheap, imported PC clones from China. Them laptops have less functionality than an old PC, yet cost more. Walk Kampala Road and prove I right. The problem of localisation, by the way, is fundamental. It starts with the keyboard. That's a rant for another day.
Let me wait for the comments to come and reply in batch mode, but I want to tell you this: behind the Western mind is a pair of questions.
Are we as evil as our history says? Can we redeem our collective soul by having orgasms of concern with Africa? Answers: yes, no.

Fujitsu said...

All societies get freaked out by anything that’s different. Or anything that seeks to fundamentally change or re-define what they know to be true. The gut reaction to that is immediate and unequivocal suppression. If it takes violence to do that, so be it. But as history has taught us, you can’t extinguish the human spirit forever. Even if it takes decades, it will rise up and bite you in the ass.

If only we could stop being so afraid…

Why do I think that third-world laptop is nothing but a big calculator?

Let me assure you, I read the whole post, copied, pasted and saved.

Fujitsu said...

and this last comment Comrade, you said it like I think it. Well done.

Besides, what's to stop the father of this child from grabbing the laptop and selling it to get money for malwa?
Or the mother exchanging it for food, transport to the clinic or drugs?

We used to give out mosquito nets to pregnant mothers at the local pre-natal clinics. By the first post-natal visit which is 6 weeks after delivery, their husbands had already sold the nets. To get money for drugs, food, burials, alchohol, transport, school fees...

You think a laptop can survive what a mosquito net didn't? Uganda does not need these kiddie laptops. We need to stop being so poor. We need fair trade.

ألاسمحاجّ said...

@27th comrade: I don’t think our understanding of what Africa’s problem(s) is/are shall be the same here. I think it’s poverty/debt and disease. You think it’s imperialism. One is real, the other hypothetical (I think!). But I respect your opinion nonetheless - perhaps a debate for another day, over a cuppa may I add. On India: India rejected this idea because, in the words of their Education Secretary, Sudeep Banerjee, "We cannot visualise a situation for decades when we can go beyond the pilot stage. We need classrooms and teachers more urgently than fancy tools." It's basically a case of setting out one's priorities in this case, not a question of whether the project will help the children from the poor third world countries. The latter case is an indisputable fact 27th comrade! I guess mentioning India, you also fall short of talking about the Libyan government signing up to buy each of its 1.2million school children one of the machines by June '08. Even further, the jolly Col. (Muammar) al-Gaddafi, famed throughout the world for his pan-Africanism, had expressed an interest in buying more of the computers for some of his poorer African neighbours. Surely, you can’t be more catholic than the pope now, can you? And for the record, I didn’t say laptops = development per se. I guess I was quoted out of context. Rather I said, the future development of the world and each country is largely determined by its advances in modern technology. Computers are a part of that new and ever-advancing modern technology; easily moveable computers (laptops) are even better since they provide for better flexibility while working. Cheaper, energy-saving, efficient, powerful, intuitive and easily available computers (read: OLPC) would do an even one better than that…like I said before, it’s the journey of a thousand miles, it begins with one step 27th comrade. And this is OLPC project my dear is every bit fair trade, giving poor people a fighting chance…even better, you could compare it to giving one a fishing rod instead of a fish, so they can forever eat henceforth. And just so you know 27th comrade, everyday, this little laptop for the OLPC is being improved upon just so it can serve the end-user better, wouldn’t it be a little off to criticise design even before it came off the line. The organisation building this computer is not just American but has got employees and contractors as well as volunteers around the world that are helping to build the device. Maybe, just maybe, 27th comrade, you should see the good in this one this time and quit being a devil’s advocate. The success/failure of this project may not even be so important; what matters most is that policy makers in the developing countries find the optimal combination of methods to deliver educational services at the lowest cost to the maximum number of people in their respective countries. You may be one of the priviledged few in Africa 27th comrade but with the OLPC, we are talking opportunities for the world’s poorest children. They are not just a theoryThey are real and of a kind that haven’t been exposed as you have been perhaps. What’s more, they are many!! The OLPC is a potent learning tool created expressly for those children (the world's poorest) living in the world’s most remote environments.

I wonder if before your argument here, you really read (widely) about this OLPC. It’s a development I have been following myself for the most part of a year. The reason it’s free open source software that’s used (in addition to proprietary hardware design) is because this delivers a high potential machine but still at a low cost device - remember the target group – which ultimately is a good thing for developing nations in the long term. And that is not to mention the cost trade-offs that would be created by other commercial corporations and the like who shall seemingly take on the OLPC challenge. Once again you fall short of mentioning the merits of using the open source software; this means that the laptop user could in theory replace any or all of the software or applications on the laptop. Even you could custom-build the laptop to your preferences! Something I don’t think you could quite say of the Chinese products you talk about here. We could go at this all day 27th comrade but for the sake of space, I’m saving it all for our cuppa. Alternatively, we could take this out of your comment space to my email. I’m leaving you a link over the next couple of days at my blogger profile page! Cheers for the space lad!

@Fujitsu: I’ve only just been seeing your spontaneous comments around blogger so I can’t claim to say I know clearly where your allegiances lie. But there’s some wisdom in what you say…maybe you should open up a blog or something? Tackling your question here, I guess it comes down to the fabric of society…morals and all that go with them. I’m sure you heard the one about the little boy who was collecting oysters that had been washed by the waves onto the beach and throwing them back into the sea. The oysters were too many and someone noticing what he was doing went along to ask him of what use his actions were seeing as he clearly wouldn’t be able to return all the oysters to sea. The little boy said he knew there wouldn’t be much difference in all the world but for that one oyster that made it back into the sea, that would have made all the difference in the world for it! Like I said to 27th comrade over there, the journey of a thousand miles…

kissyfur said...

Rule Britannia Rule!
I believe homosexuality results from hormonal imbalances. i dont think anybody opts for it well knowing they will be tethered by the penis and dragged for miles untill it comes off.
Just let gay people be.
Now this is a comment Zack, short.

cb said...

burn dem down! unfortunately i can't comment on the monitor story for obvious reasons. but you know my take on homosexuality, don't u?

Duksey said...

You were right about this being an angry text.I was too angry to finish reading it.Dude,media's job is to present the news/events as they are whether unconstitutional or otherwise.So to think objectivity is support is out of this world.Come on,monitor!!!

Baz said...

Naye, you:

Who are you going to believe? The guy who has been there or the one who has just looked heard about it? Gays say they were born that way. They are the ones we should believe. Not Pat Robertson. He’s not even a real doctor.

The real principle behind calling for gay rights is that we should treat people the way we want to be treated.

Plus, the arguments being raised against homosexuals are the same ones that were used against equal rights for the races and equal rights for women. That should tell you something.

Also, there are millions of Ugandan children who didn’t watch the Matrix Reloaded two weeks after it came out.

Zack makes a beautiful argument. And even if the laptops won’t immdediately eradicate poverty, a Uganda where more kids can use computers is better than one where few can.

Finally, we were NOT fine before western civilisation. That is a lie. Those who told you that are the ones brainwashing people.

Baz said...

Dukesey was here while I was drafting. I should add, thanks, Monitor, for this:

Mr Kasingye added, homosexuality “is not a rampant problem, it does not seem to threaten serious societal harm, and it is not forced sex. Undercover agents would be a waste of resources when there is a lot of other crime to investigate.”

Even though our minister is a dwip at least the law enforcers know their job.

tumwijuke said...

Absolutely love the Arrest the Queen blog. Thanks for the link.

Let's go after her with flags, Bibles and marmite!

Let's change the words of God Save the Queen incorporating lyrics from the great philosopher of our times - Eddie Izzard. Here's what he proposes:

"God attack the Queen,
Send big dogs after her
That bite her bum.
Let them chase after her
And rip her knickers off..."

feather said...

i agree, it just might be the angriest post you've ever written. but let it out. if blogger has no other purpose but to spew out stuff it would be alright.

Fujitsu said...

What I meant (Zack?) was that Ugandans, as a prototype of Africans, do not attach value to anything that doesn’t come to them through sweat, blood and tears.

And I see this all the time. Abraham Maslow expressed it best with his hierarchy of needs. If we fail to take care of basic human needs first (food, shelter, safety etc), giving peasants laptops becomes a meaningless exercise no matter how noble the intentions.

A father will not leave his children crying with hunger at night because he has no money for food when a gleaming laptop sits in the corner of his house. After all it was easy come, easy go.

This is the reality.

leos child said...

had commented then something goes wrong and my comment is no where to be seen so i agree with zack though i think desk tops would have been better, then the government would develop better policies and this would encourage even adults to participate in using the tech to people honestly i think some peoples bodies develop different from their brains how else do we explain a three year old boy who insists on wearing girls clothes,and playing with girls when they grow they end up homosexuals these transgendered people cannot be blamed or thrown stones at.especially since they are of no harm and are no criminals.and we as human beings have little or no right to judge simply because there is no crime and because we have bigger problems e.g gavi money,people in idp camps,horrible roads and people liberally dying in mulago.

lulu said...

hey, cant read/ comment, just wanna know what was happening the saga btn you, sage, savage, etc about sage's blog? fill me in, am so outta touch our pc's are kinda off the link miss y'all

eddiie said...


An eveil act that i just get sick and almost brush my teeth on mentioning that word....

Why do poor brothers and sisters go for such a very hoddible they have brains...

Can` they take private and psychological lessons and absolute reasoning to see a woman is meant for a man and a man for a woman?

Worse of all Africans, teh once innocent continent is getting hold of this evil act..

I hear loads of money is involved but my question is what is money?

Just paper....

We have to wake up..SAGE...AOKO..please you guys help preach against this in Blogger...the world is goin down..

Am tired...cant talk more..

GERALD said...

27th comrade do you know what is happening to Homos in Nigeria..
we should take that example.

lindwee said...

Comrade...thanks but this "debate" might take us throughout CHOGM.

T'll be good if you post anew blog

@y'll thanx for the great ideas.

agent256 said...

@ all could someone please tell me of a template for world development. i mean do we all have to crawl...walk...then stumble...till we get it right or pick off from where the have-beens have and then match on...
comrade as a coder you should know better

about localisation, ndowooza tuyina oku blogginga [okwemala eggoga] mu native lingua now. some luga-flow there!

soon the susan muhwezis of this world are going to say that corruption is genetic-says the redpepper. and yeah lesbians are a turn on..

the odd thing abt this same-sex thing is the insistence of insertion and friction. then that gives credence to wanking. its about gettin it off. the psycho bit comes in when we have emotions involved.

dont know much about the olpc thing but methinks the children are the future leaders [we yanga women anda men of uganja...] so we should start on clean slates.

at the end of it all, only you can free you.

Cheri said...

I hate political posts...they make me feel like a wet rug.

Jasmine said...

i have officially failed to comment in less than 100 words so i have quit trying.
this is a very provocative post on so many fronts.
i will pick the one that's 'itching' me most.
our problems comrade are not because of the imperialists. and not all 'aid' is meant to cripple us. i think we should be able to pick out that we can learn from, and trash that we do not need. without alienating ourselves from 'the enemy' as you portray them. Japan learned alot by sending their youth to the 'west' so they could learn from them and come teach the rest of the nation.
we can not isolate ourselves right now. let's learn with others and see how we can use what we get to enhance ourselves.
above 100 words. tried and failed. going to check out that Queen blog. Omukadde abakoze kyi? let her enjoy her safari. dont be inhuman. ;-)

lulu said...

just like vagina monologues was practically cursed out of uganda and yet we had red pepper painting the town red with its glaring obsenities and all the other things... i understand what you are talking about... our double standards...and my you are mad!
and yes both homos (both sexes0 are sick and need an orientation of their sex realised once again, healing from pain... there is no use despising the person, rather the act that...i learnt from donnie mcclurkin who once was gay...they totally may not like but resign to it and reason it as fate coz they find no way out... most cannot face the trauma that got them that way and dont want to and are comfortable ...the act is wrong, the people are sick and maybe we as human beings need to stop trimming the leaves off of the problems in our society and actually deal with the starts with the individual dealingwith themselves from the root, when something is different in a way that is not normal maybe it is time to loook twice...i dont think it is God's design that the anus is a hole spot for pleasure! but for feaces...

okay and about museveni... no comment, ive ranted enough about our political system...
as for these uncalled for saviours who feel we are retarded and thus musthave computers...huh! it is so ironically funnny! am wondering whose thew weak one here>? we dont blow people's brains out or have a range ofserial killlers who are deranged like the west does now do we? so who needs these pcs more? may God help them for they know not what they are doing...

lulu said...

i donno if you know this about homo sexuuals... from having too much sex fromthe behind...the rectum...and muscles down below get weak and most wear nappioes to keep stuff from soiling their trousers...i saw a homo who actually does wear nappies, he goes to nandos alot and walks like a cat!
nway, i honestly feel sorry for them, lets not take lighl\tly what happened in sodom and gomorrah, it is not just a bible story... alot has proven than the bible is actual true! all of it! and also was God foolishto say a man must meet with a woman, you ought to read romans chapter one, it talks of homosexuality... the world is simply going through moral erosion and the more we keep accepting stuff the more we die, soon we will do what used to be done in HAITI, cant remember what that festival was called but dor a month people were free to commit all evils possible...i guess it was coz this land was dedicated 400 yrs ago to the ....

still on colonialism and poverty etc....i still think that the west does not have right motives for all their 'good intentions' which have mega strings attached... one thingabout poverty and all that that we ace in africa wont fade away coz of olpc's. nah! development starts with the renewal of an individual's mind about who they are, their potential... so unless people are challenged to broaden thier thinking, a lap top wont help i said trimming the leaves and not dealing with the roots...
as for the queen, deal with the first queen during the colonial period!

Esquire of the mountain said...

I may be late on this post, but i love this anyway and i friggin agree with you on the stereotype those americans and the western world have about idiot once had the audacity to ask me how come i can shoot pool, he thought all we do in "africa"(mind you they assume we are one country or somethin like that) is hunt zebras! I am really about to join your revolution comrade..hold on except that some of their systems ie road, commn, buildings oh my, what a human marvel...wait death to all american that good communist jargon?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused by your argument that homosexuality is clearly not genetic. First, I think the main claim is that it's _biological_ not genetic. Homosexuality has been linked to things like birth order that affect the makeup of hormones in the womb but aren't genetic factors.

Second, the amount of evidence suggesting that homosexuality can be predicted from early childhood is rather strong. Again nothing genetic about that, but it does suggest that trauma and life experiences play a minimal role.

Third, it's not out of the question that homosexuality could result from evolution. All that is required is that it's not a dominant trait and doesn't appear frequently enough to die out. Many non-dominant traits exist that prevent child-bearing.

Finally, homosexuality has traditionally been practiced by people (and animals) that nevertheless breed, which makes it even less astonishing that it could be biological rather than volitional.

DeTamble said...

i like the queen :(

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