Sunday, 5 August 2007

Angels Sleep in Hell, It's True

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Sade is pounding magical notes through the sides of my head. Kiss of Life. Smooth music. Fine accompaniment for a head that is empty but wants to write something ... Who knows, Bob Marley may jump into the play-list sequence (it's on random) and cancel out the mellow feeling with a suitingly-rebellious chant.

A tale from the slums, while I wait for Bob.
One of them days, some guy drove into our slums with a Mercedes Benz SLK Kompressor 1234 OMG 7th Edition PLUS 0TH3R TH1NGS 1V3 4G0TT3N. It even seemed to float disdainfully over our cholera-harbouring mud. Clearly, the guy had done well for himself. And people like that tend to avoid our half of the world. And for good reason - neither would we be living there, if we had a choice.

Anyway, my initial reaction to this blasphemy - someone driving a Mercedes into the Revolution's base - was staggering on the very edge between `stab that bugger' and `execute him in public as an example'.
And Ibra (fellow slummer) told me he was here for a girl. Some slum girl had, as it turned out, caught the guy's eye and simply refused to relax the grip. I changed my attitude.

You see, while we hate the rich idiots, we reserve a soft spot - even a throne, if you wish - for the rich guy who chooses one of our lowly women. Our chics down there are subdued by lack, scarred by need, and wounded by debt, before the lack of hope comes in, to poison them. But when they survive and turn out beautiful, their beauty is addictive, angry, disrespectful, fiery, gleaming, harsh, refined, resistant, solid, surviving, unkind, unreserved, untamed, wild beauty. And the stories abound of poor, unprivileged girls who princes sacrifice life and throne for. This Cinderella stuff is, in fact, real and happening every day. Although I have never seen this particular chic, I must believe she is cute, to make the rich slide into our sewers to take her out on a Saturday.

So, guess what. The Revolution has half the stuff it needs already! We could just get the Revolutionary Beauty Brigade to work its way into the old money, and then, on a pre-agreed day, all the beautiful women and mistresses of the rich and privileged will, at the stroke of midnight, declare - `No, don't put your grubby hands on me! Pledge financial support for the Revolution or I'm out of here!'
The blogger girls would make a nice preliminary dispatch, but none of them is from the slums, in spite of being of the same evil, tormenting beauty. :o(

Oh, frig this. Bob's Misty Morning has come a little too late.


The 0ne said...

OhMyGawd! Its like so cool, I have like a firstie and everything. This is like so totally awesome and everything...WOW,right?!

Tandra said... not the drama!


magoola said...

I would imagine slum girls are cheap to maintain.

kissyfur said...

I read a book that claimed that the very rich and very poor are so similar in their ways of thinking,coz for them money is not an object.

Esquire of the mountain said...

the classic ending to a classy title...indeed the blogger chicks seem to have an ever tormenting grip on you mr revolutionary..hung in there,the torment is not limited to the bright even spreads it evil realm to these beautiful lands of paradise and men...

Dennis Matanda said...

First, this post, like another missive from the slums is very heart rending. The mud on the mad man's face - muddying his smile is enough to warrant a proper story. I wonder what happened to his body and how long it was there. But then this is classic Rev. One day ... Narf!

QueenB said...

atleast u did not continue hatin!

Fujitsu said...

“I ain’t saying she’s a gold-digger (heyyy...)
But she ain’t looking for no broke... never mind.

lulu said...

okay you made another award winning post! i like your intro with a the song bit and your end with the song bit...purely a water's idle note, you are so goood 27th....
and about the slummy girl and the rich dude, one is the user with prolly HIV the other is the desperate used! she could be abit proud and not seem needy! it is posibo!

Queen of My Castle said...

Interesting post. I just happened to stumble upon your blog.

Duksey said...

The slum gals are harder to maintain coz they have illusions of men being providers so be sure to empty uour wallet.
And i hear they are into Mama Fina antics

lulu said...

amazing, i was looking through your profile and thought you would have read the art of war

leos child said...

HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may be the rich and the poor are truly meant for each other they seem to cross each others paths even when they live completely in diferent worlds.have what the other needs.

els said...

you write really well.
who/what is mama fina?

Duksey said...

@els; mama fina is a traditional doctor or do they call them herbalists these days.She smokes a pipe with herbs to lure men n heal ailments.(mindi)

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