Saturday, 14 July 2007

Rantdom Thurogitts 2.0

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We roll, no wasting time and words.

From a comment I posted on Kelly's blog:
I find it creepy that the general idea of democracy sounds, to me who is an infidel as far as democracy is concerned—a non-believer—much like a Western Jihad. Your country starves us until we are `democratic enough'. That starving us is un-democratic by their definitions, in the first place.

So if we hate terrorists, because they are Jihadist fanatics, who are we referring to? Those who refuse to pay back what they stole, starve us and shoot at us, until we have been crushed and humbled and we suck on their `democracy' ideology, or those who bomb us and shoot at us until we have been crushed and humbled and we call on the name of Allah?
It would be sad if Hitler had won the War and besieged Uganda and declared that we must believe in his version of democracy, or he won't let any anti-retrovirals into the country.
In short, no matter what you have brain-washed into believing, the West is just another terrorist gang that we happen to love more that the terrorist gang in the (Middle) East. Full stop.
Wait. Don't you glean anything from the co-incidence of the arrival of the Western downpressors and the rise of dictators in Africa?
They yap and yap about making us democratic—who giveth them the right? Democracy is not an American/Western concept. It is a human concept. It existed long before America was formed, long before Europe was populated. These Johnny-come-lately states are trying to bully the world and extract subservience by means of propaganda with a concept that is richer on Kampala's streets than in the Pentagon, and promising a utopia—`if only you worship at this altar'. Is the West even democratic (where democracy is defined by me, not by the Bush dynasty)?
War is Peace! Iraq is Free! Freedom is Slavery! Colonialism/Occupation is Democratic! Ignorance is Strength! Guántanamo Bay is Paradise!

Wake up! Rise, ye mighty People! Don't be free to choose slavery!

Back to the slums.
I found myself giving a lecture on HIV in the slums. :o)
Some slummer (called Ibra, which is sane compared to other names I've had to recite down there) was talking about AIDS, and saying if you lay a chic who is HIV positive once, you can go commit suicide. And some fat woman there was saying it isn't true. Nobody seemed to believe her when she said her sister's husband died of AIDS, and the sister is still well, probably negative.
Let me extend my lecture to the blogren. Grab your pencils and notebooks, please:

In Rwanda, a research found that 40% of all couples where there is HIV were discordant. In Uganda, the figure is around 60%, if I remember correctly.
A discordant couple is one where one partner has HIV and the other doesn't. This is usually in spite of continued sex between the two. It is shockingly-common. And it is painful to imagine how many people didn't know about it, and hence ended up getting infected in the end, because they didn't take steps to avoid infection, thinking they were already infected.
The stories abound. Very many. Including that of the presenter of The Untold Story, whose husband died of AIDS.
So, even if you have been exposed gravely to HIV, do not assume a status. Checking is the only way to ascertain.

In closing.
You know the evil part about having a knife stuck in your chest? If you pull it out, you drag your insides out with it. If you leave it in place ... well, it's not very healthy to have a dagger dangling from between one's ribs, really.

Also, no more Communist ranting on this blog. Either I open a new one, or it goes unsaid. I know it bores you, blogren, but what will I and I do?


pmama said...

1. Baz. Even here.

2. Okay, the blog address is dyingcommunist. Therefore we shall continue to be entertained by communistic rants. We demand them.

2. It is usually better to leave the knife in till you can get some professional help.

3. Thank you for the lecture.

The 0ne said...

First the Seven wonders then this, dude...what gives, the diversity speaks of some sort of toxicity.

ish said...

i love your communist rants Rev! not that i think you're right (like, at all) but yeah, it entertains me.

on second thought, u are right like 50% of the time...

Tandra said...

do my eyes decieve me? u r thinking of doing what????

borrowed civilisation said...

With the star rising in the east, and your audience bewitched already into hating loving, liking and returning for more, what would a capitalist dyed communist do? Stop the rant? Oh no! Continue with the other side of the coin plz - it is your identity.

Ivan said...

@ Tandra: he is thinking of giving up the fight. The things that love does. *hehe*

The Mafudian said...

to abandon this bright revolution is would abandom some of us budding revolutionaries...the red flag is flying high, keep it.
And on another issue, its amazing how despite all the information advances in HIV, people still ignorant,thanks for the "community service".

Iwaya said...

This is why Communism will never rule. All the most sane warriors give up!

cb said...

once a communist always a communist! i can't ever imagine the comrade writing without a grain of communism. but communism or no communism we always shall be with u, comrade.
and this here lecture has is instructive. it's true more folks have it that once a man carries the virus, wifey is a carrier as well. dead wrong.
on a triumphant note though, am free! yes! i've been unwell for a long time, felled by innumerable ailments and rising again. tired of all this, i tightened by belt and took an HIV test. am free, brogren. u heard that right! CB is HIV free! who wants 2 buy me a drink??

S.A.G.E said...

And we dont stop...tha roses dat grow from concretes...only concretes keep em blossoming. Dat means love aint no concrete in this context. Posin rhetorics to us commie? Gladly,dis a call for arms assemble n ceasefire ensemble.
This revolution gives way foe sahm moooo comprehensive. Word!

eddiie said...

more slum lectures are certainly needed.....

Lilna said...

The slummer is interesting. You can't know what goes on in these people's minds until you talk to them!!

Stop being bored! Ok post something in a happy mode!! :)

Duksey said...

I was about to be come a disciple of the revolution till i spoted signs of weakening plot.
As for that lecture!!!

feather said...

about the discordant couples, all too true.
Just letting you know that i've had you tagged. Please get the details from my blog.

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously suggesting that the people blowing themselves up in trains or piloting planes into buildings are no better than the people they hate?

QueenB said...

you know leaving it unsaid is not an option!dnt tell me u 2 r tired of our slum?wat ever u do u gotta come back we will b waiting.nice post

The 27th Comrade said...

@Pmama: :o) I pulled the knife out, at press time.

@The One: Yeah. Kinda brimming with some kind of ... fervour, of late. I get these bursts every once in a while. :oD

@Ish: The Message is right. Like, 100% of the time ... ;o)

@Tandra: Your eyes are deceiving you! But, yes, I'm thinking of ...

@BC: My identity? So that the CIA may come and shoot I and I? Nope.

@The Mafudian , Iwaya: Giving up would be treachery. Me no be no traitor. But, in this revolution, we allow that fair, safe dose of self-doubt. I mean, how else would one see the Dear Leader as grand ... if one is perfect too? ;o)

@CB: So, you are getting laid a lot? Under the influence even, maybe? Lucky bastard!

@SAGE: No! :-o No ceasefire. Ever. Motherland or Death. :o)

@Eddie: The fields are white, but there are no reapers. As Those People like to put it.

@Lilna: If you can wait for the next post? :-\

@QueenB: To live and die in the slums. I love them like I love women. To live 'n die in LA.

@Anonymous: Yes. I am suggesting - nay, insisting - that the people blowing themselves up in trains or piloting planes into buildings are no better than the people they hate. If anything, they are better. They are merely reactionary. And they would never starve a population. I think the ones they are blowing up are worse, actually. The West is a terrorist Axis of Evil. They are evil terrorists, too, but I'd forgive them before I forgive the self-righteous mass-murderers in the West.
It will help you to understand that, although the recent history of the West is terrorist enough, I am also considering the deeper history.
Do you want to challenge that?

GERALD said...

If you were in Britain, they would have expelled you.U belong to USSR.

y.z said...

you can't stop the rants. you have an almost convert. this post especially had me nodding and going "mphmm, mphmm, mphmmm"......

Elle B said...

Don't you dare. I barely understand them rants but at the end of it all am feeling so revolutionary i could go shoot someone. Really, they inspire me. Now if Only i could practice what i learn

Cheri ma cherry said...

Nawe, u over write serious stuff these days...

Lighten up.

And u aren't really thinking about what u said u were thinking about. Really?


Heaven! said...

you're joking about stopping the communist rants, yeah? aint funny by the way.putting us on bunkenke like this!

S.A.G.E said...

Commie. Give us some mooo. U done spent soo much time broodin over a lost revolution but u gats some nu found love. Atleast tell us bout that.

Fujitsu said...

27th, man. I have just been going through your archive and I have to tell you, that june 30th entry is the most moving thing I have read in years. Someone was quoted in the papers this week saying "authors write only one book". You have to write a book, you must!

Fujitsu said...

@ S.A.G.E, gwe I've been trying to post a comment on your blog but it's like squeezing water from a rock.

Was just saying: you gotta have your own hero-ness inside for those times when your hero falls. And when you fall, you make sure you get up, dust yourself off and keep walking. Strength like that can only come from Him.

27th, sorry for imposing. It's all S.A.G.E's fault.

S.A.G.E said...

Yea Fuji. For sho. I gets wats yo sayin. Thanks 4 passin by thru Commie. This dude gats mad hospitality. One!

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