Thursday, 12 April 2007

Frig Us All for the Riots

Mood: Angry at the god of rainfall and the god of sex, and Thor, the Danish (Nordic) god of war (?)
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There are riots in Kampala. Over Mabira forest, and the planned give-away of part of it. Some guys want to mint money off an irreplacable phenomenon (commonly-called `Mabira Forest'), and others want it preserved. The guy supposed to buy part of that forest is a Ugandan for generations, but he is of Indian origin. So, South Asians have been the victims of you-wanna-disposess-us noise. And I have heard that two have been killed in the scuffles in the city. I hope that isn't true. Because, if it is, it shows the one thing I hate about democracy. (Hey, the Danes can find something to write about!)

Thing is, if you think Museveni is a sucker, would you do a better job? Do his critics understand that being a couch-proffesional, directing the country a foot away from your copy of the morning paper, and being a president are two different occupations? So, these buggers in the city, whose other battle cry is `Fuck Museveni!' are showing us how Aminist an asshole can get. At least Museveni isn't an Aminist asshole. So, the next time they say `Fuck Museveni', I'll cry. It is the worst thing when fools like those are allowed to talk at all, especially when saying Museveni has got this-and-that wrong.
The problem is not that they are being violent - I know the heat of the moment. People started out saying they are going to sit down in the forest and demonstrate peacefully. But adrenaline is contagious. It takes one idiota with more testosterone than logic (big balls, small brain), and the sane guy next to him starts barking, drooling, wagging, growing hair in weird places, and then the testosterone-logic balance is upset, much like a climate with too little trees and too many Americans, and then the guy next to our formerly-sane friend starts barking.
The problem is that those who had the power to put sanity in the debate have shut their beaks all along. You and I included.

Then an orgy of violence. Let's point some fingers, shall we? It's therapeutic:

  1. Fuck the Monitor, for telling people a lie. Mabira is not going to be given away. But that's what everyone believes. Brainwashed muhfuckers. Only a relatively-small part of the edges is going to be reclaimed. If you ever go there, you will see why it should be given away. It hasn't seen a tree in decades. It is useless, right now. Not a forest.

  2. Fuck the New Vision, for not counter-acting the Monitor's deliberate headline-noise. You muhfuckers, the New Vision people, are supposed to be a government propaganda tool! What the fuck do you think is your job? To take the opposition's side all the time, because you are scared of being called Museveni's lap-dogs by Joshua and Jackfruity? Do you think the government - any government - can achieve anything without the necessary propaganda? Don't be silly. It's not democracy when only one side is allowed to talk, you fools! (Baz is exempted, by the way.)

  3. Fuck the Mehta family. If your family is one of the wealthiest in the whole friggin' world, why the frig can't you spare the land that made you and your fathers wealthy? Go buy out the friggin' Latinos! You can, after all! It's not the forest I'm talking about - I mean the pain of such noise. I hate naive protests, and you can stop it! Okay, you want the plantations nearer to your factories, right? Build a factory in Cuba.

  4. Fuck the Opposition. Find a reason. If I start, I won't stop. A word of advice: never vote for those Pharisees. They think they are good and clever, but that's because they don't know what it means to be a president of more than just a congregation of vengeful politicians.

  5. Fuck the Americans. We are going to put our environment on the pyre so we can develop, and then you Americans will cheat us, capitalist bastards, and we will stay poor, without even a sane environment. Was I going to close without hitting the Americans? :oD

  6. Fuck the guys out in the riots. Plus those who actually meant it to be a peaceful sit-down protest. Fuck you for being naive muhfuckers. Them roads you drive on were once forestland, idiots! Things change, man! The world has to change. Forests must give way for urbanisation. You are attacking the leaves, instead of the roots. Go ahead and protest. But know that, be it today or tomorrow, a city has to sit on the Hills of the Impala. Oh, frig. That has already happened. Kampala has already replaced the royal hunting grounds of the 1800s! See? Just pray that we are smart about it. It is like puberty, this development: scary, hairy, worrying, fast-yet-gradual, and without the erotic dreams everyone promised you'd have.

  7. Fuck Museveni. Yeah. Poor bugger's mind can't be read. Nobody seems to trust him. His own guys want him replaced. He feels he can still go on, despite. Typical Type A personality, like me. We can't know if he honestly wants the best for us (whether or not he is doing it right, I leave that to you) or he wants the best for himself. Sevo and I need to have a chat. Poor, poor bugger.

  8. Fuck my beloved blogren, I and I included. Joshi, get me them Uzi-guns. We need to nukes some muhfuckers. And then we'll shoot ourselves next, because we should have figured out our own (more-logical) stand before today, so that we aren't counted with the idiots out there. Now we are part of them. Frig this. Frig us all.


Be silent said...

Firstie.. Now i cant read all the F but i agree with u instead of the F i will put God forgive...

Sam said...

No, no, no. I am not part of them. I knew all along that Mabira forest is just the trees you see in front but when you get within, there is nothing. Kind of like Kakamega forest in Western Kenya. I grew up there listening to people calling out to monkeys oba for 'dinner.' They would shout something like “Iyooo, iyooo.” The forest was right next to our backyard and I loved the monkeys that came to feast on our maize, bananas and stuff like that. However, recently, my Mom and sis visited the place and were shocked to find much of the forest gone. Most of trees have been cut down.

choco fudge said...

I am locked up at my work place because of the riot!!!!!!!!! Ugandans

Mudamuli Ntikita Ntikita said...

I wonder whether I should go to MUBS or not. Who knew it would come to this?

Heaven! said...

what is that thing about a woman scorned?(am supposed to remember.but i don't)
but now look at you. you are very pissed off. i don't even know what to say! long's this mood going to last? freaks me out. those ijots in the roads are bad enough!!

S.A.G.E said...

da red afro dude. Didnt think u political too. Its like afros and politics are synonymous with the past. Just visiting.

The 0ne said...

Hey, look, its the F word in all its glory...and yes. It has come to this.

Willie Boy said...

We comunists(it collapsed because it survived on charity),still hope the proletariats will rise up and kick ass of the capitalists like Marx predicted. Now 27th pal, did Mzee just leave out to say they where 26 and not 27?

Cheri said...

Lol... The 0ne

Ati the "F" word in all it's glory!!!


Cheri said...

And seriously, I came here with something serious to say....then the 0ne wrecked my flow!

cavalier said...

So after skipping around with the word Frig, you finally unleash the word Fuck. Good timing.

This is, as they say, totally up-fucked.

The 27th Comrade said...

@BS: Yeah, in retrospect, I think I over-did the F bit, over there. Not that I use the word a lot in real life. It's just the heat-of-the-moment. Like the fffffriggin' rioters.

@Sam: I found some guy on Kelly's blog saying there have been people burning charcoal deep inside Mabira for decades now. And this is when people come out to protest. Thing is, this is a fad gone bad. Very bad. The part of the forest being re-claimed is not really forestland any more.

@Choco Fudge: Named after a chocolate! Woo! And, no, ain't nobody lynching. It's actually safer out there, now, than it has been in days. :oD Yeah, because the Good Guys are prowling. And they won.

@MNN: I knew it would come to this. When members of the Ugandan opposition lead a rally, they are going to want to cause havoc. And this is always the result. It's sad nobody seems to be allowed to blame them.

@Heaven!: Relax. It blew off. Hell hath no fury like a Comrade pissed. Or a woman scorned.
I'm me again. Them friggers were horrible enough, yeah. More than enough.

@S.A.G.E: Well, I am not political. Just that these here friggers ... okay, I am, every once in a decade. Spent my chance for the next ten years. :oD

@Willie Boy: Those guys, in the beginning of the revolution, did not get the details right. I was, and still am, the 27th Comrade. Hasta la victoria siempre.

@The One and Cheri: Yeah. In its proud, un-tarnished glory. Only that is all. No more. I promise.

The 27th Comrade said...

@Cavalier: Frig became too slow for the heat of the moment. :oD You know what they say: big balls, small brain. I'm doomed.

Joshua said...

madness. i wish i was there.

i want to interview you. im going to think of some questions and send them your way

Cheri said...

Whether u go to the city square and show off Adam's boxers and Eve's bras, the forest is still gonna be given away.

So just do this......withdraw into yo shell excuses for your mind and act silly.

Then when drought finally hits your mouths. You 27th!

I still think supporting the whole forest giveaway is idiot's thinking. Period.

Cheri said...

Okaaaay, that didn't come out too well. Blame it on the English language.....

The 27th Comrade said...

Um ... actually, Cheri, it didn't come out badly. I get your point.
You are right that we aren't really going to stop the give-away. But it is not a give-away. It is a sale, actually. But let's call it a give-away.

If you think the drought is not going to hit us, if Mabira remains out of Mehta's hands, consider the fact that there has been heavy charcoal-burning happening in Mabira for longer than four decades. Mehta is not the problem, or replacing the parts of the forest that were lost to encroachment into farmland. If it is a change we want, we can start with the charcoal guys and the guys who sell buveera, which are more-dangerous than just a few plants being put on Mabira's edges.

You're right, it is silly to replace any part of the forest. Especially if that part has trees in it. This one doesn't.

The drought is coming already, and that is with or without Mehta. You used a kaveera today. That is why the drought is coming.

Cheri said... point is...

M7 is blowing his top off yappin about development.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for development. I hate the 3rd world label on us. But why encroach on forest land. In the name of development.....breaking down forests isn't deveolpment. It's called enviromental degradation. It's suicide.

Wat would happen if Metha took his expansion idea to places like Mubende. Or Nakasongola. Or Mbale. Or Lira. Those areas are as fertile as Jinja. And besidesnsugar cane flourishes not in deadly fertile soil. And as a bonus.....he'd be spreading development to other areas of the country instead of concentrating around his fore-fathers' home.

Development is all about the whole place. U can't say he's gonna build more schools and health centres around his new acquisition. Some other areas could use theses schools and health centres. Areas like Lira. Gulu. Moroto. Fine Moroto is pure aridity but that's no reason to malign them. They also want to have world class medical facilities nearer to them. Jinja is already our standards.

I still think and will continue to think that Sevo has lost it completely. He's not stupid. He's very clever. But it's the greed that has him by the reigns. He don't use his brains anymore. And I'll continue to say *I think*. It's my humble opinion.

If he employed all his faculties in this debate...he'd figure out the free land Kabaka is givin away. The chunks of land in other areas of Uganda. Even if SCOUL is 51% state owned, this don't give him a right to turn the forest into cane plantations just because he can. No.

Whoever said that Natural resources belong to the president? It beongs to the state and to the general public. Even foreigners have a right to the forests in our counrty. Afterall, they give us most in revenue from the tourist point of view.

The whole idea of forest isn't about making money from it but about it helping us live in harmony. We may not realise it, but these forests help us a lot. Just ask the desret dwellers in the Sahara. We don't even need to go the Karimojong.

This shd have been a post of it's own.

The 27th Comrade said...

Yeah, Cheri. I am all for saving the green. Just that there is no green to save, in the first place. Especially not where Mehta is planning to put the sugar. And I also hate the hypocrisy. If we love the environment so much, then why do we still buy bueera? It's just a fad, what you see.

Cheri said...

Come on....don't tell me 7100 hectares of forest is nothing really. Mabira is 30.0000ha of green. That[s almost a quater of it being given away.
The guys burning charcoal deep inside the forest shd be flogged at the public square. That's more than a crime.

I still don't get your argument about there being no trees there. Have u been to Mabira.

Buveera destroy the environment and that debate has been in our press for eons. It's just taken the back seat for the while. I'm totally against buveera. But if u look closely at the goings on in our beloved country, u'll notice that all the environmental destruction taking place is carried out by senior gov't officials. They build homes in the swamps.

This isn't the 1st forest to be given away. Remember the Namamve issue?

Thing is Sevo thinks he's gonna shit on us till we are full of shit. Well I think the time has come for him to think this thru and twice.

And we all know this isn't a "sale" of forest land. This is payment for the financing Metha provided for the Sevo campaigns last year.Why else would he give instructions and orders that if he don't get't shd pay 345bn to him. Is it some sort of compensation to him? huh
The board is black. The writing is in white!

Cheri said...

When the Bugala/kalangala forest reserve was sold off to the BIDCO group, we didn't raise much dust....

And tell me, I dunno what major thing BIDCO has done for my country cuz I don't see it.....

It's just a downward spiral and we're about to hit the accelerator pedal. Just u wait....we're all gonna be sold off like piece'a cake.

But Mabira aint goin down without a fight. And we all know it's goin down! But not without a fight.

leos child said...

in my opinion mehta however ugandan he might be has not right to dictate wat he wants 4 land that man has nerve and again he said he doesnt mind because he exports to sudan if people donot consume his cavitycausingshit aka sugar and why doesnt he produce in karamoja i know not imagine thats its nearer sudan!!! so mehta in fact just dug the grave for his fellow white skinned ugandan. what hurts the most is that the company he owns has never been audited for 26 years and apparently has never made any profits that means is not fit to be kept conclusion we ugandans both white,blue,black and yellow are squaring musevos campaign pledges and yet we have congo to pay and have just paid tanzania an obscene amount just because the untouchables are hell wiith mehta!!!!!!!!

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