Saturday, 10 February 2007

The Philias and Worries That Eat Me (RT 1.5)

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This is in the Rantdom Thurogitts series (currently 1.5).
I have two philias. Congophilia (no relation to weird disease) is the love of Congo and of things Congolese. Nilophilia is the love of Nilotic peoples and their things. (I just hacked up the words.) I have watched me closely, from a safe, surreptitious distance, and I can't deny I love Congo stuff and Nilotic stuff. Where stuff includes (nearly exclusively) the women. When I approached me for a reason for these inclinations, behold the reply I got from me:
  • The Congo chics ... ah, I have heard mbu they are caring. And isn't that what I want? Not necessarily what I want from a chic, but what I want, full stop*. And mbu they are fat. That means they have rich bossoms and posteriors. That means they are cute.
  • The Nilotics? Gwe, you've been reading my diary? Okay [shy chuckles, scratching the Afro, gathering courage], those ... have you ever looked at something and thought: that is the original? It's the feeling I get before Nilotics. They just seem like the original humans. Sad I can't fake being one of them. They seem original. Their statures and stuff, you know. [Chuckle] And I like my chics original. I may not get it right with the shoes, but the chics ... I can't compromise.

Now, I am worried. If you've listened to the Kadongo-kamu jams, and you understand 'em, and you get the nuances, you know how amazingly poetic them guys are. Abdu Mu[r|l]asi brought the same formula with a pounding beat, and he broke through to club crowds. But we will not have any of their written poetry in just 100 years. Unlike them Arabic poems you read, with the same themes and vims as Paulo Kafeero's Walumbe, for example, but from 20BC. You know why we are going to lose the history written in our vernaculars? Because we are using a writing system that didn't anticipate the African speaking styles. We say a lot in the chest. It's hard to, for example, write the expression `Anhaa!', common in Luganda (usually on a discovery). Because a lot of the sound happens in the throat. Then try the `m-mmm' they use to say `no' without opening the mouth (usually shaking the head). Impossible. Yet it is different in meaning from the alphabet-friendly `nedda'. And these things are there in these songs, for example.
Somebody think up a new writing system, and we will translate our stuff, while we can still understand it. If nobody does, I will. Think ideography. Or something like that.

Very sorry for the long post. On, Gallant Revolutionaries, on to Victory! Ciao.

* Well, not `period', as I'd rather speak British, if I am to speak the Enemy's Language. :-)


baz said...

No original man left son. Everyone has a bit of mix in them. WHich is good. As the Warren Beatty said in that movie: We need to keep fucking each other until we are all of the same colour." Sensible.

jovialjitterz said...

It kinda reads like you haven't made the acquaintance of either of your 'philias'... the voices in your head are making sense but maybe you should first be sure sure ko au siyo?

Cheri said...


Yours truly
Acholi girl.

Cheri said...

@Baz...I'm the original! No mix, no match.

Daughter of Labongo thru and thru....
Warren Beatty don't know s***.

Cheri said...


scotchbiscuits said...

these are good worries if such a thing exists.

DeTamble said...

Are Acholi nilotic? Cause the Acholi are HOT! And if so then I totally understand the nilotic thing you have.