Friday, 29 December 2006

Defaced `Nkuuka' Posters

I have noticed an interesting trend, over here in Entebbe. It must be the same all over the place. The posters for CBS' end-of-year bash, `Enkuuka ya CBS', all have some particular part defaced -- the smiling face of the chic who sang Tinda tiine. Of course, some guy is taking them to some voodoo doc, to say `make her mine, and I'll give you ...'. That's her punishment for having such over-poweringly pretty eyes. I mean, I don't like falling for chics. (Much less guys, so breathe easy.) But she really is terrifyingly cute. I'm going to pick one, myself. One look at her eyes, and ... I should hunt for that poster on the web. A digital one, I mean. One that is not yet defaced.

Who invented the ingenious move? Some Einsteins actually die un-recognised, in a swamp of blood, as their boda-boda drags them to the invisible finish line.

Oh, and one had the Bebe Cool part defaced, as well. Some perv, I guess.

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